Quoth the sage, Huey Lewis: “The power of love is a curious thing.”  Indeed, our movies, books and comics are full of examples where love makes all the difference, from the inexplicably metaphysical climax of ‘Rent’ to Marty McFly’s continued survival while meddling with cosmic forces beyond his ken.  Indeed, even when it doesn’t make sense (or, in the case of Ally Sheedy’s makeover scene in ‘The Breakfast Club’, if it’s directly contrary to the lesson the movie claims to be imparting) love makes the world go around.  Die Hard gets reunited with his wife, The Green Ranger is redeemed from the evil magicks of Rita Repulsa, and Luke Cage & Jessica Jones realize that their interaction is more than a fling, leading us to today’s valentinian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still irritated that Brian got no love interest, but is at least calmed by the fact that Bender & Claire broke up nearly immediately (Andy & Allison are still married, though), asking: What’s your favorite pop-culture example of the Power Of Love?


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  1. Macho Man’s proposal in the ring was something amazing at the time and something like that probably wont happen again. It was still a time when they tried to pretend wrestling was real. Also, it probably shouldn’t happen again either.

  2. As Ashley V. Robinson pointed out on a podcast not too long ago, the Snow White/Bigby Wolf love is probably one of my favorite things showing true love.

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