My social media feed for the last couple of days has been full of exultation about a new wave of action figures from DC, including Bat-Mite, the Batgirl of Burnside, cartoon miniskirt Supergirl and more.  (Jason Inman was particularly happy about an Ace The Bat-Hound figure, which marks him as a wise man who knows class when he sees it.)  For my part, there are some cool figures in the set, but I’m still waiting for an Aztek in scale with the rest of my DC Direct action figures or perhaps a Skateman with working quad-wheel action, allowing me to relive the worst comic of all time on the shelf in my Nerd Room of Doom, leading us to today’s 1:10 scale query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) already has figures of Gokai Silver, Miracleman and Matter-Eater Lad, which pretty much means all I’m missing is a decent Freakazoid!, asking: What ONE action figure do you most wish for in your heart of hearts?


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  1. I can’t think anything more right now because Tokimeki released Shinsuke Nakamura (Matthew, heads up, hes appearing in NXT) as second figure of Purokaku Heroes series last week and I got it! World is as close to complete as it gets.

  2. I figure listing myself (complete with toy lightsaber, TCG card case and “Dice Rolling Action!!”) doesn’t count, so I’ll go with Gormaanda from “The Star Wars Holiday Special” (a four armed chef played by Harvey Korman and one of the very, very few good things that came out of the otherwise dreadful Holiday Special).

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