Jawiin on youtube has released the latest episode of their Agent Carter Review Show hosted by Ashley Victoria Robinson!

Last week when this episode aired Ashley was sick, so here is a 1 MINUTE mini-sode review!

Every week they will review ABC’s Agent Carter episode and provide breakdowns and interesting information about the classic Marvel Comics’ characters popping up throughout the series! This week they review season 2 episode 4: Smoke and Mirrors:

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About Author

Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian girl by day and Robin by night. She lives in Los Angeles now and stars as Ensign Williams in THE RED SHIRT DIARIES, co-hosts the GEEK HISTORY LESSON podcast and writes for Top Cow.

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  1. For some reason, this actually gave me video for the Ep 5 recap, and I haven’t seen “Atomic Job” yet! Arrgh! Unintentional spoilers.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that, in my opinion, “Smoke And Mirrors” is one of the most feminist hours of television I’ve seen in a decade or more. Watching Peggy’s and Whitney’s childhoods, the choices made by Whitney’s mother, and the things they had to do to get by in a patriarchal world were spot-on. I love watching this show grow and challenge people’s assumptions about what women can do, and now that I know we get to see Rose take a prominent role in the next episode, I’m even more excited!

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