Golden Bell’s Polar Press proudly announced today its collaboration with writer and artist, Ezelle Van Der Heever, via its publishing of her illustrated novel The Valiard Mansion. The book follows the hapless Ruth Rosewood in the fictional town of Harbiford, where all the eligible bachelors are snatched up by younger, prettier girls. In this Victorian comedy, ghosts, magicians, and romance collide; hence, the restoration of the derelict Valiard Mansion throws childhood sweethearts Ruth and Theodore back into each other’s lives following an eight year estrangement. With over 350 pages and a wealth of illustrations filling each chapter, the new novel is a modern reinvention of the Victorian novel set in the era of its inspiration.

The illustrated novel goes back a long way in the history of publishing, but the foundation of the past has never been quite like this with the arrival of The Valiard Mansion. Recalling classics such as Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, Valiard stands alone in its unique stylistic illustrations by writer and artist Ezelle. Each illustration brings a painterly level of descriptive detail to the characters inhabited in the pages of this story. It’s a great opportunity to reinstate the timeless tradition of Victorian storytelling, but with a newly envisioned look that will suit readers young and old in the 21st Century. Inside the novel itself are twists and surprises that one cannot surely hope to expect going in, a romantic comedy with surefire stakes. Magicians, forgotten romances, and tragic spectres of the past haunt the halls of the Gothic mansion that draw in Ruth Rosewood, Theodore Wythert, and Chester Gangfield.

Golden Bell’s Polar Press reaches audiences of all ages. The Polar Press team believes that through birth, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood there should be a story for everyone. The Valiard Mansion combines many different genres in its period setting, to tell a story of friendship, romance and fantasy that exemplifies Polar Press’ mission to bring a unique experience right into your home.

“It’s as engaging as any novel we’ve read before and we can’t wait to bring this to readers all over the world,” says publisher and Golden Bell C.E.O. Marc Goldner. “It’s tremendous how the illustrations by Ezelle go hand in hand with the prose, bringing the characters vividly to life.”

The seeds for our creative endeavors are planted early on in our lives and having a division centered around publishing books that appeal to children and young adults alike, such as The Valiard Mansion, making literature fun again. From fantasy to family, these are truly unforgettable stories that appeal to everyone!

Ezelle Van Der Heever decided to take on the challenge of completing her first novel a few years ago and has since married her artistic talent with a keen sense of penmanship in the The Valiard Mansion. With many more books and passion projects on the way, Ezelle will focus her efforts on Valiard, working in tandem with Golden Bell’s Polar Press to publish a Victorian inspired novel that the world has never seen before! At the moment, Ezelle lives in South Africa working as a story artist and character designer in animation and the team at Golden Bell is hard at work preparing the novel to go to print in time for the Holidays across the ocean in New York.

To follow The Valiard Mansion and all of related updates check the official Facebook page here at today! You can also read the first two preview chapters on Golden Bell’s website at https://www.GoldenBell.TV or visit Valiard by clicking the book below! We hope you enjoy!

Golden Bell Entertainment was formed with the hope of merging new and classic content to create timeless experiences for consumers of entertainment. With The Sunday Comics, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Stuffimals, Golden Games and Polar Press, Golden Bell illustrates a passion for various mediums and a dream to jumpstart the nostalgia of a time gone by. The Sunday Comics merges an age old medium of newspaper strips by fusing it with serialized storytelling of the modern comic age. While The Sunday Comics houses over 300 creators, Saturday Morning Cartoons strives to inspire audiences with humorous, emotional, and story driven animations created in house and in collaboration. Additionally, Golden Bell’s Stuffimals brand launches quality stuffed animals for anyone who has ever and will ever love a stuffed animal. Additionally, Golden Games will bring a variety of fun experiences, from original properties to newly developed ideas, to your home ranging from board games, card games, toys and even video games. Lastly, Polar Press aims to deliver novels, children’s books and other illustrated stories that will be sure to bring joy to all modern American families. Golden Bell Entertainment was formed by Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, and Robert Gross. For more information, please contact Marc Goldner at 516-984-1466 or email at Marc@GoldenBell.TV, or visit the webpage to learn more!


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