Kotobukiya Japan has officially announced their next Marvel statue and it is based on the amazingly popular Spider-Gwen! She is 1/7 scale and will stand approximately 8.8″ tall with ether a bare face and blonde hair or her full mask and cowl

Spider-Gwen is due for release in August 2016 and the following photos were released:

Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-001 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-002 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-003 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-004 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-005 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-006 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-007 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-008 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-009 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-010 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-011 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-012 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-013 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-014 Koto-Bishoujo-Spider-Gwen-015

We are definitely looking forward to picking up this Spider-Gwen when the end of the summer roles around. Who else is with us?


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  1. Dangit! I told myself I wouldn’t be buying useless things, and then they gotta put this out! Looks like I gotta go place a pre-order at my local comic book store…

    Although to be honest, I’ve been eyeing the Bishoujo line for like forever. Been totally staring at the She-Hulk statue very inappropriately…

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