This year marks the 50th Anniversary of a lot of things, but the one that matters most to me is the Golden Anniversary of ‘The Monkees.’  Having recently lost one of the group makes it a slightly bittersweet celebration, but the idea of a new album and tour by the surviving members is more than worth the price of admission, especially given that a number of other talented creators are getting involved in the production of the new songs.  (Davy Jones will apparently appear as well, through already-recorded voice tracks from before his death.)  Having not had any new Monkees albums since the 1990s, I’m looking forward to more music from the boys, leading us to today’s revival query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wonders if they could ever get Kenan & Kel back together, asking: Which of your old favorites would you like to see new creative works from and/or about?


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  1. In the same vein as the recent Super Sentai “10 Years After” films, I would love to see some films or specials that revisit older series settings like Jetman or even further back to JAKQ. It was fun seeing some of the characters in Gokaiger and the Super Hero Taisen movies, but I would like to see something that focuses on a specific team from long ago. Maybe a passing the torch type movie?

  2. Scott Gunstream on

    Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew is long overdue for a second volume. It was the first comic I can remember going to the corner convenience store with a specific purpose other than to buy candy or play video games. This was also in a day and age when kids could go in to these convenience stores and buy cigarettes for their “parents.” They (the comics, not the cigarettes) were so funny to read and the was incredible at an age when my tracings of pictures left much to be desired. The first one I bought, which I still have to this day, was #7. It contained the story of Bowzar the Bark-barian, a Conan the Barbarian dog who lived in the pages of of his author, and how the author’s decision to end his book series was haunting Bowzar. Bowzar leaped from the pages of his book to seek the destruction of the villain who was trying to destroy him. Also, this issue contained a Classified secret origins file for each member of the Zoo Crew. Maybe DC will come to their senses and create a volume 2 that will become the national treasure it is destined to become!

  3. One of them is apparently happening already. Toho is making new, proper Godzilla.I have no idea if any of the people who made previous ones are involved anymore but I still hope it feels right.

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