Fans of TV superheroes might be pleased to know that the rumors of a cross-network Flash/Supergirl crossover are no longer just rumors, and that the two heroes will be meet face-to-face.  This has immediately caused questions of how the established world of Arrow/Flash gives with a Superman already on Earth, and whether the two series can take place on the same world.  The argument that “Nobody has ever mentioned Superman” is true, but nobody has mentioned One Direction, Jack Nicholson or Victoria’s Secret either, which doesn’t mean they can’t exist.  Either way, it brings up today’s good, if perhaps divisive, query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that the Supergirl and Flash existing in the same reality is no more difficult than suddenly finding out about the history of ninjas, immortals and advanced tech we’ve seen thus far, asking: Would it bother you as a viewer to have Flash and Supergirl taking place in the same world rather than on alternate Earths?



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  1. Not really, but I do hope it is parallel realities for multiple reasons, including allowing both settings to have their own unique versions of other DC characters without having to worry about stepping on each other’s toes.

  2. I would much prefer them being on the same earth, but it looks like it’ll be separate ones, which is fine too since multiple earths have already been established as a thing in Flash.

  3. Actually, I’m fine either way. I’ve read comics where Flash and and Superman and Supergirl and Arrow and Ambush Bug are all from the same Earth, so I would be OK if that’s the case. And if they are from separate universes that’s cool two because that would put us one step closer to get a Crisis on Infinite Earth-like mega crossover!

  4. It would bother me only in as much as Flash is on the same earth as Arrow, and I’d be bothered by Supergirl and Arrow being on the same earth. (And for the record, I’m already a little bit bothered by Arrow being on the same earth as the Flash’s metahuman multitude.)

  5. I, too, think Arrow (or Batman) and the supers sharing an Earth is a bit of a problem. Too much of a mix of genres taxes suspension of disbelief.

    But the actual supers sharing an Earth? Sure, sign me in.

  6. Not at all.
    When comics started, their adventures took place in a vacuum with little to no impact on other cities or heroes. Not everything needs everyone involved. When you watch the current shows, most everything Arrow and the Flash do have little to no impact on the population at large.
    I admit that there was the Star City earthquake which happens all the time on the West Coast. Star City currently looks better than Detroit and Trenton combined. As far as the storm at the end of Flash season 1, for the average person it was a freak thing that most probably missed if they weren’t outside in the area.
    The public sees the big things and not the shadows of chasing Grodd in the sewers or Sara Lance being resurrected in a country that doesn’t exist.
    Phoenix Jones doesn’t get the nightly news or even a mention most of the time, I assume the same would be with most of these guys. I admit Supergirl, Superman and the Flash are game changers, but as the news cycle goes once they save someone again, it is old hat.

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