In a winter full of hiatuses and fill-in ahows, i am happy to report that ‘The Venture Brothers’ returned to television this week, after an absence of nearly two and a half years.  This honestly couldn’t have come at a better time for ne, as I’ve been carefully rationing my ‘Steven Universe’reruns to fill a weary hour.  (Technically a quarter-hour, but why be that guy?)  With Steven episodes arriving in short bursts followed by radio silence, we fans are left adrift for months at a time, leaving Rodrigo to marathon earlier eps, while I mine the heaviest continuity moments for hidden references.  I sincerely love and appreciate a creative team that takes their time to create a quality program, but sometimes a tiny part of me just wants my shows NOW, leading to today’s selfish-but-self-aware-about-it query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has always resisted binge-watching, until I missed half a season of ‘The Mindy Project’, asking: How do you handle the rationing of your favorite books/shows/street fire-juggling acts during a long hiatus?



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  1. Cryogenic suspension. It lets those months/years pass like a cold breeze!!

    I don’t really do anything special. I’m actually quite used to waiting long periods for a series to come out on DVD, to have a sub/dub translated from it’s original language, for something to appear on channels I have that originally aired on channels I don’t, etc. But I will re-watch old episodes or just take a break from something and focus on another series I enjoy during long waits. In some cases, I will check out similar media or spin-off material. For instance, during the last big break between Doctor Who series, I caught up on “Torchwood”, “Sarah Jane Adventures” and read a few of the 8th Doctor novels.

  2. I find other franchises/areas of interest. It also doesn’t bother me too much, since I don’t live in US and I’m old enough to remember when everything we got was years late, if we even got them at all.

  3. I usually re-watch the series, but try to parse it out and make an event of it, usually by making it a weekly thing with friends or family.

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