Eventbrite has listed a Deadpool Fan Event that features a Deadpool Beauty Pageant.


AMC Empire 234 on West 42nd Street in New York City are inviting fans to not only attending an advanced screening, but to come dressed as the Merc with the Mouth himself with the possibility of being featured on the red carpet.

As with all Eventbrite events, admission is not guaranteed even if you RSVP and receive confirmation, so anyone attending should note the first come, first served policy and consider getting in line significantly earlier than the 7:30pm time listed on the info graphic.

Deadpool seems intent to cash in on the popularity of it’s protagonist in the cosplay community by creating such a unique event to draw attention to the movie.

Are you planning to go see Deadpool? A cosplayer? Any chance you’ll be at the Deadpool Beauty Pageant? Let us know in the comments!

Deadpool hit theaters on Friday, February 14, 2016.


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