My Sunday consisted of a marathon of ‘Good Times’ episodes from the early 70s, shows which my daughter sat enthralled to watch for several hours, including singing along with the theme song and shouting “THIS SHOW IS SOOOO GOOD!” at regular intervals.  Knowing that she appreciated the subtle acting charms of Esther Rolle, the less-subtle gruffness of John Amos and the not-at-all subtle Jimmie Walker mugging somehow made me feel proud, remembering the days when I watched the show as a kid.  Even with the periodic explanations of the 70s (how prices were a little bit different due to inflation, how that was Shepherd Book as a blind huckster, how the phone had a dial and how that worked, as well as why the fashions looked the way they did), it was a perfect reminder of how excellent that particular Norman Lear joint was, leading to today’s vintage query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has also shared my love of the cartoon musical stylings of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’, but was a little bit saddened that she didn’t know who Coil-Man was, though (as she quickly informed me) that omission is my own fault, asking: What childhood favorites will you make sure to share with any hypothetical future young’ns?


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  1. Any and everything Henson crafted – Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Old School Sesame Street, Muppet Babies, Dark Crystal. As they get older – The Storyteller, the Muppet movies and specials, Labyrinth, Muppets Tonight.

  2. Although I don’t have (and cannot have) kids of my own, I already share quite a few things with my relatives and friend’s kids.

    Various Henson stuff (including the non-Muppet works DamienR listed), Batman: The Animated Series (and the DCAU in general), G1 Transformers and Beast Wars, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the original Star Wars Trilogy. old Godzilla and other giant monster films and several others top the general list.

    When they are a little older, or in some cases already are, I’ve planned or have shared The Monster Squad, Goonies, Forever Knight, Highlander (original movie and the TV series), MST3K and a bunch of other sci-fi and fantasy stuff.

    There is just far too much I plan to share to list everything. A lot if it depends on what the individual kid likes and what their parents allow. For example, I’ve already watched “Labyrinth” and “Dark Crystal” with a friend’s 5-year-old daughter multiple times, but I’m not allowed to watch them with another friend’s 8-year-old son yet (they think they would scare him and although I disagree, I respect their wishes).

  3. Maybe old Disney at first, then we could move to Star Wars when they get old enough to understand whats going on.

  4. Doctor Who definitely, and also Tale of Tallest Rabbit. I have nephews and cousins abound, and they seem to really enjoy them so far!

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