I always like to point out that this is a tough time for Superman. He’s incredibly powerful as well as unbelievably moral. You just KNOW he’s going to do the right thing all the time. That can make for dull reading sometimes!

One of the best things to come out of Convergence was Superman coming to The New 52 universe with his wife Lois and their son. That book did very well on many levels, so it made sense for DC to continue their story in DCYou!

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Lee Weeks and Marco Santucci
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in SUPERMAN: LOIS AND CLARK: The mysteries surrounding Lois and Clark are just starting to unfold! In this issue find out what happened to the man who would have been the Cyborg Superman! Learn what else is hidden in this Superman’s Fortress! And discover why Lois gave Clark his new, black uniform!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Dan Jurgens can still write a terrific Superman story, regardless of which universe it takes place in!

When I heard he was going to bring Clark Kent, Lois and their son Jon to the New 52 universe from the previous universe, I was really intrigued! The first series during Convergence was great, and I’m also enjoying this continuation. I also think it’s cool that the title of the comic harkens back to the ABC Lois & Clark series in the title!

I was also fascinated when it came to me that Superman and the rest of his family were like US if we had found ourselves in The New 52 universe. What would we think of life there?

As the Super-family explores this different Metropolis and Earth, they see just how different things are there! In this issue, they come across Jimmy Olsen, who’s doing really well in this Earth. That’s why Clark wants to stay away from them – perhaps their lives are “superior” to the ones he saw them going through in “their” universe. The other end of the spectrum has Hank Henshaw, formerly the Cyborg Superman in the previous universe, but who has a very different life on this Earth. He’s nothing like the version on CBS’ Supergirl, by the way.

This month, we also see Lois present Clark with a new costume, one that resembles the outfit he wore when he returned from the dead years ago. “I always liked you in black,” Lois says.

Jurgens does a great job of making the Super-family consistent with the personalities they had in the pre-New 52 universe. He’s also showing us Clark’s family and how they all get along, which we had seen occasionally before and most often in imaginary stories. It’s very heartening to see a happy family get along, particularly one with Superman as the lead male.

Of course, Superman has to take on new nasties on this new Earth, and it ends up being quite a challenge. That’s a great thing to see Clark go through, a difficult problem for a change.


As much as I enjoy Dan’s writing, I also like his penciling. As time has gone by, though, he’s ended up doing much more scripting than artwork. The good news about this title is that the art team is very consistent with Jurgen’s art style, and I like it!

The action sequences are strong, and I like seeing Clark and crew in a different circumstance. The art reflects their various reactions to this different universe, and four issues in, things are flying high!

THE BOTTOM LINE: An Engaging Superman and Co.

As long as other creators struggle on the Man of Steel, I’m happy to see Superman, his wife and son in a place that they have to figure out just what’s going on around them. That kind of challenge is good for them, and it makes for excellent reading!

I used to always feel that I knew how Superman tales would end up, given Clark’s strong sense of morals. However, in The New 52 universe, I don’t have that same sense about where things will go. I like that!

Of course, eventually this Clark and The New 52 Clark will have to cross paths, and I’ll be intrigued to see what happens when they do. I’m sure Mr. Jurgens already has something gripping in mind for such an event!

If you haven’t read Superman: Lois and Clark, I recommend you check with your local comics shop to see if they have copies left. If not, you can always check out comixology.com to find digital versions. If you want to see Superman done right, this is the book for you!

Superman: Lois and Clark #4


Great Old Supes!

What happens when the moral Superman ends up in the very gray New 52 universe? Check it out!

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