News broke this week about DC Comics’ plan to revamp and rejigger the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon properties, including the very divisive decision to do an updated Scooby Doo with modern references, in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world.  Given how good ‘Afterlife With Archie’ has been, I think it is foolish to immediately dismiss such a story as unworkable, but it is a major change for a property as old as I am.  Still, 45 years is a long time, and the possibility that a hipster Shaggy with what may be a partially cybernetic Scooby fighting against the literal end of the world might be the new take that keeps our Great Dane on the relevancy map is just real enough to take seriously, leading us to today’s all-new all-different query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is admittedly psyched about The Impossibles appearing in ‘Future Quest,’ but wonders about Blue Falcon, asking: Are you excited or trepidatious about the new status quo (*cough reboot cough)* for Hanna Barbera’s properties?


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  1. I’m somewhere in the middle waiting to see how it turns out. Scooby goes through a bit of a reboot every few years anyway, so it doesn’t really phase me. Some incarnations I like, some I don’t, it just depends. I’m a little more cautious about the other properties, but I’m not frothing at the mouth in rage about it.

    That said, I do think there is potential for these to be good IF they are handled well. That is a very big IF, but who knows? I’ve been surprised before.

  2. I’m trepidatious about the Scooby Doo, Waacky Races and The Flinstones. Specially for the last two, I’m not liking the redesign very much.
    On the other hand, I’m really excited about Space Ghots, The Herculoids and the other super heroes hopefully having their own title since I never really cared about Jonny Quest. That image with the Space Ghost, Meteor Man and who I think is Coil-Man from The Impossibles is so cool!

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