If you’ve ever seen a flip phone or used a touch-screen tablet, you already know the effect that fifty years of Star Trek have had on real-world technology.  Though we don’t have a transporter (yet), many an internet wag has commented on the parallels between communicators and wireless communication, or replicators and 3-D printers, and who doesn’t love a breakaway velour pullover?  Heck, my minivan even looks like the TOS shuttlecraft (though that’s not even the same thing, like AT ALL), leading us to today’s prescient query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “bay-lah and low-keye”) really wants a holodeck for…

…reasons, asking:  Which Star Trek tech (from any Trek incarnation do you most want to see made real?


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  1. Replicators. A fully-functional (and practical) replicator has the potential to solve so many different problems that the world faces and would lay the foundation for the construction of so many further and more advanced technologies.

  2. As much as I want a Holodeck/Holosuite to not only live out video games and novels, but also to explore ancient historical sites re-imagined as they might have been long ago, I think the TNG – Voyager era medical technology in general is what I want most of all.

    Nevermind my own disabilities, there are so many people with deadly illnesses that could be treated but are extremely risky with the technology we have now. There are also illnesses that we don’t know how to “fix” in this day and age that could be treated. Broken arms could be fixed in a matter of hours rather than months, scars could be healed in seconds without risk of infection and so much, much more.

    A close second is replicator technology solely because it would provide a sustainable source of food and goods for those in need. Trash could easily be recycled for food, clothing and other things that could benefit everyone. It might not be as good as “real” food, but if you have ever been hungry, and I mean TRULY hungry and not just skipping lunch hungry, you know you don’t care how something tastes as much as you care about getting any food at all.

    • As a former Corpsman, I completely agree with both of these. Anything else pales in comparison to how much something like this is needed in the world, especially the world outside of First-World countries.

  3. The little salt shaker with the flashing lights that linked to McCoy’s tricorder, and gave readings on vital signs, organ functions, presence of parasites, and near anything else the doctor needed to know instantaneously.

  4. Easily replicators. Pretty much all the problems of the world could be solved by this thing that does almost anything from pretty much nothing.

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