caught up with Robbie Amell at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest over the weekend to chat about his upcoming return to The Flash as the villain Deathstorm in Earth-2.

“They finally gave me a cool jacket! I’ve been waiting for a costume my entire shoot. They were like, ‘we need you up there early to custom fit a leather jacket.’ It’s cool! It’s not like the Arrow or Flash suit, or even the Canary suit, but at least I finally got my own leather jacket.”

He also went on to talk about Deathstorm’s involvement with Killer Frost:


“Danielle and I, I’m really excited to see her as Killer Frost. She’s the sweetest girl ever, and I was really pumped to see that other side of her. She embraced it, she had fun, and we got to do this Bonnie and Clyde thing in the episode, so that was cool.”

This comes on top of Amell telling a reporter that he kills one of the main characters in his episode of The Flash, although no other details about that have been released as to whether that means a character from Earth-1 or Earth-2. It certainly seems that between his two recent statement to the press that Deathstorm will feature prominently in The Flash moving forward.

The Flash airs on the CW Tuesdays at 8/9c.


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