With the 2015 demise of my old PS3, one of my requested Chrimmus gifts was one of the new PS3 Slim consoles, on the though process that it’s cheaper than a PS4, and will still play my extant games until I decide whether I’m entering the next generation of consoles.  To that end, I’ve been replaying Grand Theft Auto 5 using all the optimization tips I can find (I’m up to 350 million dollars as Michael, thanks to stock fraud) and deciding which ending I want my game to have.  As someone who understands drama in a narrative, I prefer the “Good Ending” where our protagonist/murderer/psychos all survive, but also want to see the stories play out where young Franklin betrays one of his unlikely teachers, leading to today’s alternate query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still considers the Good Ending to be the “real” ending, though, asking: Have you ever replayed a video game in order to get a different or “Good” ending?


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  1. Yeah, few times, but I really have to like the game to do that. Last time I remember doing it was Persona 4 Golden in 2014. Its a JRPG murder mystery with heavy emphasis on character interactions. I had not played Japanese rpgs for quite a while before deciding to pick the game up and was somewhat skeptical despite good things I’ve heard about it since high school setting with teen characters wasn’t the one I was really drawn to.

    It was really captivating story with likable characters that lasts for one year. I was pretty confused when calendar suddenly jumped through last couple of months of school year and story ended so suddenly. I went and I did some research and found out about “True Ending”.

    I really liked the game, so I went and started whole 70+ hour story from the beginning and didn’t regret it. After that second playthrough I’m now a big fan of the game and think its one of best I’ve ever played, surpassing Final Fantasy 7 as my favorite jrpg. It also showed me that under conventional, overused Japanese high school story surface, great stories can be found.

  2. I played through the various Fallout games multiple times to get every possible ending.

    Years before that, I played through Chrono Trigger multiple times (New Game+ was a great feature) to get various endings.

  3. All the time. Most of my games are RPG or similar games that have multiple endings or multiple paths, I actually prefer games with options like that so they have more replay value, and I enjoy exploring the different stories that can occur depending on what choices I make.

  4. I play all the TellTale games over again to see what different choices lead to.
    Prince of Persia was one of the first games I remember replaying through for the better ending. You had to find like, nine secret level thingies to unlock the non-terrible ending.

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