Looks like the outcry against the Academy Awards for being #OscarsSoWhite once again this year will be leading to changes.

Nothing official has been announced as of yet, but according the the New York Times, people in the know say changes are in the works. Sources spoke anonymously will the Times about this but here are a the changes they say could be coming:

A return to the 10-film nomination that the Academy used in 2010 and 2011 seems like a done deal. Of course, during those years, 2011 didn’t have any diversity to speak of in the Best Picture category, while in 2010 Precious: Based On The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire did receive a nomination.

Talk inside the Academy has hinted that the Best Actress/Actor categories could be opened up to 10 nominations as well, doubling the amount that has been nominated since the 1930s. However, sources were not confident that this adjustment would be made since the number hasn’t changed in so many decades, and we are obviously aware how adapt to change the Academy is.

More nominations in categories could certainly help more diverse films and people be nominated, but critics of the lack of diversity have pointed to the voting system as a cause of the problem, so that also is up for change. A use-it-or-lose-it system could possibly be implemented to remove people from the system that haven’t voted and a provision to bar members from voting who haven’t been active in the film industry for a certain time period has been discussed as well.

Even though change of that scale could potentially balance out a voting pool that is predominately male, white, and aging, it shouldn’t be expected to be voted on and implemented next week when the 51 member board will be meeting to discuss changes.

Hopefully the Academy will release their plan to increase the diversity at the Academy Awards next year, not simply because it is right, but because powerful, impactful, and daring works of art are being over looked each year, and we as nation are worse for it.

via New York Times


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  1. I love movies, but let’s be honest, awards really don’t mean a whole lot. They make a difference financially to the respected party. It’s always nice when something you like wins, but, ultimately, it is your personal taste. I see 40 plus movies a year at the theaters and dozens more at home. Hundreds of movies a year are released. How do you decide best? Genre movies tend to be looked down on, although it has gotten better in recent years. If ‘The Martian’ had not gotten nominations, would that really affect how you feel? Everything can’t win.Everything can’t be nominated. Even expanding the number of nominations, it is still a very small group that can even get nominated. I think awards in general are not very important. I am a reader of sf/f/h and don’t find those awards very interesting. Often i never even reads the books. When something I like is nominated, which is rare, i say, ‘great.’ Otherwise, I really don’t care. Same with music and TV. Again, if it something I like, great, otherwise, who cares. My wife loves watching all the award shows on TV. I am generally bored out of my mind. Usually they do not represent my taste. Whatever, have at it.
    The second part is affirmative action in awards. I consider myself a liberal conservative or a conservative liberal. I am somewhere in the middle, as I think most people are somewhat. I believe that is why voter turnout is so low. Unless you are way over to the left or right, most politician don’t represent you. I am conservative on a personal level, but on society I am more liberal. Everyone does not have to be me. Here in Massachusetts, I have voted for Democratic presidents and Republican governors at the same time. I think people should vote by person, not party. Whatever. I just think it is a bit crazy to have to vote for movies, music, book, TV, based on color or gender or sexual orientation. How does that work? ‘OK, best actor..I like Damon in the Martian… hold on, I need to vote for a black man.’ I now need to vote based on quotas?
    I do think the proposed changes are good. I just don’t think they are going to change everything. 10 nominations is still a small number compared to the hundreds of possible choices in each and every category. Good people in all categories are still not going to win or even be nominated. It is not a conspiracy, it is the real world. Everyone can’t win.

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