[Preview] Looking For Group #10


Dynamite Entertainment is collecting the popular webcomic series, Looking for Group, and this week, Looking for Group #10 arrives in stores.

Looking For Group #10
writer: Ryan Sohmer
artist: Lar deSouza, Hawk, Ryan Dunlavey, Ed Ryzowski
cover: J. Edwin Stevens
FC • 48 pages • $4.99
It’s a call to arms (get it?) for the Bloodrage as new Chiefs are crowned and alliances formed. Can Richard continue being what he seeks most (i.e. the center of attention) while attempting to manipulate magma? Only time will tell as our group clashes with old foes and makes new, unlikely friends!

LFGComic_issue10-2 LFGComic_issue10-3 LFGComic_issue10-4 LFGComic_issue10-5 LFGComic_issue10-6 LookingGroup10-Cov-A-Stevens

via Dynamite Entertainment