The Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, has not been treated particularly well of late.  After her resurrection post-Secret Invasion, she was trapped in an alternate future and a strange relationship with Havok in the pages of ‘Uncanny Avengers’ and has been entirely absent since the All-New All-Different Marvel kicked in.  Fortunately for we Wasp fans, Marvel’s latest teaser is clearly a signal that new Wasp is on the horizon, a development not at all surprising for anyone who has seen ‘Ant-Man.’  Still, as one of the founding Avengers and a keystone of the Avengers universe, I want to see Janet Van Dyne get her due in story terms, leading to today’s stinging query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) expects to see the debut of Hope Van Dyne, possibly due to the whole “future babies coming back in time” thing that Marvel does so often, asking: Would you prefer an all-new all-different Wasp, a new debut for Jan, or something entirely different?


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  1. I would like asian Wasp from Ultimates. I prefer her over any other option. We don’t necessarily need mutant angle but overall, shes the best Wasp for me.

  2. Either all-new or the one Malone Hasco picked. I’m not as familiar with the Ultimates Wasp, but I did like what I saw of the character.

    But at the same time, I wouldn’t mind a fresh start for Janet separate from The Wasp at some point down the road. It wouldn’t have to be a total retcon or anything like that, just take some time to build her back up as a relevant character before throwing her back into the superhero fray. She’s an interesting character that hasn’t been handled too well in the past, I think she deserves a little better than she’s gotten in the recent past (aside from the animated version a few years ago).

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