Top Five Childhood Crushes

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Ah, childhood crushes. Those you are taken with, but will never have. These are our top five childhood crushes.

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  1. 5 – Alyssa Milano from “Who’s the Boss”
    4 – Arcee from “Transformers”
    3 – Betty Rubble from “The Flintstones”
    2 – Kimber from “Jem”
    1 – Kimberly from “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (still crushing on her to this day)

  2. Keeping with childhood crushes (I’ll say under 18), my list would be:

    5 – Miss Elizabeth (of WWF fame)
    4 – Madonna (in the mid-80s)
    3 – Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor from X-Factor comics
    2 – Kathy Ireland (swimsuit model)
    1 – Jennifer Connelly (Labyrinth and other movies)

  3. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    This is difficult to choose. I had so many celebrity crushes, both then and now…

    5. Cindy Lauper – So cute and colorful
    4. Daisy Duke (Catheribe Bach) – Not sure if it was the legs, the hat, or the southern drawl, but…omg was I in love.
    3. Bo Derek – Probably the first woman I ever noticed was a woman…
    2. Phoebe Kate – I believe she may have triggered my puberty….
    1. Wilma Flintstone – Red hair, barefoot, and fictional…creep factor 11/10.

    Honorable Mentions: Lucille Ball, Alyssa Milano, Heather Locklear, Farrah Fawcett, Daphne Blake, Victoria Principal

  4. Loudmouth Takashi Miike on

    My top 5 childhood (not over 10 years old) crushes…

    * Soleil Moon Frye as Punky Brewster in Punky Brewster

    Punky’s fashion, Soleil’s raspy voice, Punky POWER! I remember my stomach having butterflies while watching this show. Young-me wanted to hold hands, hug and even kiss her. But young-me also really wanted to be part of her gang and go on adventures. Her dog was awesome too.

    * Kim Fields as Tootie in the Facts of Life

    Tootie’s childish behavior, Kim’s lispy delivery, Kim’s smile. I have not thought about the Facts of Life for a long time. The girls would bumble their way through life and it was very reassuring. I don’t know if Tootie was meant to be the hottie but she definitely was.

    * Jennifer Connelly as Sarah in Labyrinth

    A beautiful blue-eyed brunette. Striking even for a leading lady.

    * Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful

    Punk hairdo, her whole anti-lovey-dovey angst, the kiss practice scene. I guess young-me wanted to not love someone but I was thinking that while falling for a girl who loved a guy who she couldn’t admit that she loved him to him while he is falling for a preppy girl who does not love him but starts to fall for him. You know the typical love-rectangle that every young child experiences.

    * Karen Allen as Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark

    A beautiful blue-eyed brunette who is cunning, strong, and stubborn. I never understood why Princess Leia cosplay is so popular but Marion cosplay is relatively non-existent.

  5. Scott Gunstream on

    1) Charlie Spradling – “Puppetmaster II.”
    2) Heather Thomas – “The Fall Guy,” “Zapped.”
    3) Barbara Bach – “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “Force 10 from Navarone,” “Caveman.”
    4) Catherine Bach – “The Dukes of Hazzard”
    5) Morgan Fairchild – “The Seduction.”

  6. 5) Karen Allen Marion from Indiana Jones.
    4) Zhang Ziyi from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers: High flying butt kicking woman.
    3)Judith Hoag as April O’neil in the first Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. This is my first crush. I also had a crush on April from the animated series but I believe I saw Judith first.
    2) Kristin Kreuk: Lana Lang from Smallville. Just like Clark I had a crush on her from day one.
    1)Famke Jansen: Jean Grey in the X-Men movies. This one comes from my crush on Jean Grey from the comics and animated series. Famke was the perfect choice and completely embodied Jean Grey for me.

    Also rans
    Karen Gillan from the first moment she came on screen I was in love with her and stistill am but she is not a childhood crush.
    Wonder Woman from the cartoon and comics. I tend to like strong women.

  7. 5) Peta Wilson from La Femme Nikita and Mercy, also turned into a puddle of goo watching League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (I have wanted to meet her, I’ve wanted to be her and had ridiculous thoughts about her since I first laid eyes on her… *sigh*)
    4) Boy George (I loved his make-up and how colourful he was when I was a kid in the 80’s, he’s been through some scary bad phases but it now off the beaten path hot again, and yes I know I’m not his type; that is not the point)
    3) Eddie Vedder (from Pearl Jam, obsessively listened to 10 for most of 1991 and 1992, even made a sculpture of the man… *facepalm*)
    And here is where my list takes a dark turn because its been a bad week:
    2) David Bowie (from Labyrinth, he was so magical and naughty and damnit it I was 8 what did I know?! Also led to a love of his music although my father disapproved because it wasn’t enough like CCR )
    1) Alan Rickman (from everything! it was totally solidified by Dogma, hands down! It started with Hans Gruber– I was so disappointed he was always the bad guy– I know its weird but one of my best friends shared this crush with me, we understand but can’t explain it to anyone else )
    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go cry for a little while since I will never meet them…

  8. Karl G. Siewert on

    I have always had incredibly strong crushes on girls I actually know, so it was harder than I thought it would be to come up with five celebrity crushes. But I managed.

    5) Jessica Rabbit – No shame. The moment I saw her on stage in the Ink And Paint Club I knew that it was possible to love an animated character. I had a button of her on my high school jean jacket that said, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.” *swoon*

    4) Madonna – She has changed so many times in her career, and I’ve not always been a fan, but early Madonna, “Lucky Star” Madonna, bare-midriff and unshaven armpits Madonna. Oh, my, yes.

    3) Marisol Massey – MTV’s Remote Control was so strange. Aggressively quirky, it launched the careers of Colin Quinn, Adam Sandler, and Denis Leary. Many fans were enamored of Kari Wuhrer, the second second-banana to Ken Ober. Don’t get me wrong, Kari was super-cute, and a great performer. But she never won my heart like the first and greatest Remote Control co-host, The Lovely Marisol.

    2) Annie Potts – She was great in Ghostbusters, but I fell in love with her as Mary Jo Jackson Shively on Designing Women. She had a quiet strength that I really responded to, and I loved that she was such a devoted mom, but still independent and assertive, though that didn’t show up until later in the show.

    1) Uma Thurman – Always and forever, but especially as Venus in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Absolute perfection

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