Every Marvel team has their own thing.  For The Ultimates, the impossible is where they start...  Your Major Spoilers review of The Ultimates #3 awaits!

Ultimates3CoverTHE ULTIMATES #3
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Colorist: Dan Brown
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Editor: Wil Moss
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in The Ultimates: The Black Panther.  Monica Rambeau.  Adam Brashear.  Captain Marvel.  America Chavez.  Together, they are some of the most powerful, experienced, seasoned heroes in the Marvel Universe, and as The Ultimates, they have vowed to address the problems that no other heroes have (or even could.)  Their first mission was to solve the problem of Galactus, the world-eater, and they successfully altered his destiny, turning him from devourer to rejuvenator, as the Big G restored and revitalized the first planet he ever destroyed.  But, what consequences might there be to such a dramatic turnaround?


In deep space, on the long-dead world Archeopia, the Imperial Guard (who are totally not the Legion of Super-Heroes, dangit) arrive to examine strange reports that the dead world has somehow come to life.  They discover not only that the reports are true, but the psionic powers of Oracle reveal the source of that new life: Galactus himself!  Cut to Earth, where the members of The Ultimates have once again assembled on Alpha Flight Station, their orbital headquarters.  Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers, the once and future Captains Marvel have an interesting discussion about Monica’s powers (one that has eerie, ominous ramifications) before Shi’ar Majestrix Gladiator, leader of the Imperial Guard, contacts them with angry intentions.  One emergency meeting later, the team is assembled to the news that the galactic denizens are unhappy with them, and Captain Marvel insists that the team inform the Shi’ar and other allies before they take unilateral action in the future…

Sadly, The Black Panther and The Blue Marvel have already identified their next impossible task.


We’ve been hearing for a couple of years that the Marvel Universe timeline is irrevocably broken, but the Black and Blue team have quantifiable evidence that things are even worse than we think, with the team actually preparing to travel outside the timestream to assess the damage, finding a shocking revelation in the over-realms beyond.  This issue is wonderful from top to bottom, with Rocafort giving every panel something fascinating to look at, while Ewing continues to deepen the exploration of the Marvel Universe post-Secret Wars.  This issue also features guest-shots by Puck (implying that Alpha Flight is active at Alpha Flight Station, which makes me very happy) and the new Giant-Man from the recent Ant-Man Annual (whom I hope joins this team in an ongoing capacity), as well as continuity checks new and old.  Ewing’s grasp of story and character are excellent, and the friendly conversations between Carol and Monica, as well as Carol’s concern when America seems to overtax her powers are lovely, and this book reminds me of nothing so much as classic Fantastic Four, exploring the wild and wacky worlds of the greater Marvel Universe.  The team members each have a role, and each role makes sense, as well as showcasing Black Panther and Captain Marvel in advance of their upcoming film outings, while giving both characters more chances to be flat-out awesome…


In short, The Ultimates is a welcome series for me, replacing Reed Richards and his team as explorers of the fantastic and righters of wrongs on intergalactic scale, featuring a diverse and fun cast.  The Ultimates #3 is top-notch in story, in art and in characterization, with a cliffhanger that promises to delve into the mostly-off-panel back story of Blue Marvel, earning a more-than-impressive 4 out of 5 stars overall.  If you miss classic FF, or just want a cool cosmic/sciencey super-team read, this book is for you, Faithful Spoilerites.

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