On Saturday at Wizard World New Orleans the Russo Brothers who are co-directing Marvel‘s upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie took some time to lay out the differences between the original source material and their on screen adaptation.

Joe Russo took it upon himself to address the question:

“The Marvel Cinematic Universe is based upon all the movies that have preceded it. It’s the Cinematic Universe, it’s not the comic book universe. We don’t have the issues that the comics do. We don’t have all the daring storylines that they do and tie-ins to create what was required to make the original Civil War comics storyline. We’re taking the concept of Civil War, the core concept of it, and we’re applying it to our storytelling in the Cinematic Universe in its own way. We have to find stories that work within the Cinematic Universe to tell their story. I think you’ll see when you see the movie, you’ll understand how it takes what’s come before and builds upon it to create this conflict.

I think our job is to surprise you. As a comic book fan, I don’t want to go in and see what I already know. I prefer to go in and be surprised. I like when a story teller throws a left curve at me and I’m surprised. That’s why I want to go see the movie. A literal adaptation, I should just go read the book again. I think that’s what’s interesting about different movies. We have two hours and they have years worth of issues.”


The inclusion of Bucky is the most obvious discrepancy between both incarnations of Civil War, though perhaps forecasts the way Captain America: Civil War is going to end.

Do you think that the Marvel movies should adhere more closely to their source material or are you excited to see what is going to be done on Civil War? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I never really care if the movie strays from the source material, so long as they tell a good story. That is always the goal, to tell a good story.

    Although the source material is often a good story to begin with. That’s why they’re making a movie from it. So… they can wander from it, just not completely ditch for some other idea out of left field. If they make it too different, why even mention the source material in the first place?

  2. I like the way the MCU has built itself so far, so I don’t really care if they aren’t sticking to the original comic story to the letter. As long as the story is good and they keep the spirit of the characters and source material like they have so far, then I can’t complain if it isn’t a direct adaptation.

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