This weekend’s research has had me knee-deep in Malibu’s Ultraverse (watch for tomorrow’s Retro Review to discern the reason why), one of several early-90s world-building attempts.  Unlike some shared universe stories, which died on the vine, the Ultraverse and their publisher was acquired by Marvel Comics (reputedly for Malibu’s equipment, rather than their IP), and eventually the entire line was cancelled.  Rumors still swirl about why the Marvel-owned property hasn’t made a comeback (it’s not as though Marvel is shy about monetizing their character properties, after all) but whatever the reason, it bums me out to see such a vivid universe full of cool characters (and also Wrath) leading to today’s proprietary query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is just enough of a goon to want more of the 1960s Harvey Heroes line, with rebooted versions of Bee-Man, Jigsaw and their goofy ilk, asking: What discontinued pop-culture universe (in any genre or medium) do you miss the most?


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  1. I’m going to say Babylon 5, whatever flaws the show may have had it created and incredibly rich and detailed universe I’d love to see expanded some day.

  2. Not sure if this counts but I really miss the world from the Belgariad/Malloreon.
    My favourite series of books that I’ve ever read. I just loved the whole lore and detail that was put into the world right from the beginning, its what got me into fantasy and by proxy into comics and sci-fi.

  3. Whatever the issues with the Ultraverse, I keep hoping that one day they can work things out and at least bring some of the characters back in one form or another.

    I will never, ever give up on hoping for more Gargoyles stories either.

    But I think I miss the recently cast aside Star Wars Expanded Universe most of all. We’re getting ideas and concepts from it in canon, such as the appearance of the Nightsisters, the cybernetic legged Darth Maul and Darth Bane in “Clone Wars” and a bunch of other things in “Rebels” and “The Force Awakens” (or so I’m told, still haven’t seen it yet), but there are so many concepts and characters that I wish would make the leap to canon but probably won’t such as Grand Admiral Thrawn or

  4. Accidently clicked post.

    There are many concepts and characters I wish would make the leap to canon but probably won’t such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Noghri or Barabel races and a slew of ships and droids exclusive to EU material.

  5. Loudmouth Takashi Miike on

    In comic books…

    Razorline was a favorite of mine twenty-something years ago. The line’s main series lasted from late 1993 until (at most) mid 1994 with two one-shots in late 1994. My memory is that the last three or four issues had pacing issues. There was a team book, Hyperkind, that had a similar backstory as James Robinson’s Golden Age. The magician/sorcerer book, Hokum & Hex, was awkward. Who knows if it was done purposeless or not. Sort of a Mary Sue character for comedians. Ectokid was a mash-up of the Spider-Man formula, teen with superpowers who makes light of trouble, and dual superhero secret identity. Ectokid did not have a mask or a Donald Blake thing. There are two worlds in his adventures and he would travel between the two.

    Within the last few years I have read entire comic book series from long ago. Milestone’s Icon, Ultraverse’s Prime, and others really made me feel bad for not trying them while they were in business.

    In cartoons…

    Venture Bros. Wait, what are you thinking? I’M the jerk? Okay, I’ll change my answer to the Pirates of Dark Water.

  6. The original Valiant universe before Aklaim bought the company and fired Shooter. Whole line went to Hades after that.

  7. Weren’t there a bunch of 90’s cartoons that had awesome ideas, but never really got the coverage that 80’s cartoons got? Like Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys? Now that I am so much more into monsters I would love to see some more Roswell Mysteries, Toxic Crusaders or Monster Force. And of course, there’s ExoSquad!

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