The news has been around for a while that NBC is interested in a workplace sitcom set in (or somehow tied to) the DC Universe (which sounds a little bit like Astro City in tone.)  Of course, the way my mind works, I immediately imagined the cast of ‘The Office’ in capes and tights, and wondered what sort of powers they might get.  Once that started, it was a short jump to trying to figure out which sitcom cast would make the best super-team, leading us to today’s filmed in front of a studio audience query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that the original ‘Happy Days’ gang would be pretty solid as Superfriends, with Richie, Ralph and Potsie working together and Fonzie as the Thor/Superman who comes in to save their bacon, asking: Which cast of characters would make the best sitcom supers?


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  1. The Golden Girls.

    Dorothy as the team leader,
    Blanche as the weaponer, with any and every needed item stored in her cleavage (hey, it worked for Sweet Lou and his afro as Gizmo!),
    Rose, whose transformation to a super made her the brains of the team,
    Sophia as the no-nonense, shoot-first-don’t-bother-with-questions runt of the pack!

  2. Roseanne. Roseanne would be a composite of the Superman/Batman types, Dan would be the “gentle giant” akin to Ben Grimm, Becky would have duplication powers (she was played by two actresses), Darlene would be something like a hybrid of Spider-Man and Raven (a little broody, but witty and sarcastic), D.J. would be a Robin/Kon-El Superboy hybrid and Jackie would be a neurotic Oracle. Tom Arnold would guest star as himself, getting kidnapped every episode, but they never have to actually save him because the various kidnappers let him go because he’s so annoying.

  3. Dan Langsdale on

    It may seem a bit facile, as they’re already a team fighting crime, but I’d have to say Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Captain Holt, the stolid team leader; Peralta & Boyle,the wise-cracking hero and his faithful sidekick; Jeffords, the strong guy and Rosa the hardass femme fatale; etc.

    Oh, and every cartoon watcher knows that the Happy Days peeps are time travelers.

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