As 2016 dawns, full of promise and wonder, we at Major Spoilers have taken a look back at some of our favorite books of the year gone by, and Stephen has compiled the top Staff Picks titles for the year, giving you a look at what we had the highest hopes for.  But when it comes to looking back, there are also questions of what books disappointed us the most in the last 12 months.  Whether it be creator changes, delays, plot twists that went the wrong place or something entirely different, occasionally our pop culture will go south on us, leading to today’s retrospective query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) enjoyed bits and pieces of ‘Secret Wars’, but delays and adjustments and additional issues make it clear that there wasn’t a solid plan going in, asking: What were your least favorite books of 2015?


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  1. Its hard to tell, mostly because I’m currently in “check in digital, wait for trade” mode. I dont really read anything I don’t find interesting beyond one issue. Maybe I’ll have to say my biggest disappointment was Secret Wars, because maybe I went in with too high expectations, based on the fact that original is my favorite Marvel limited series ever. I didnt expect yet another alternate “look how we shuffled the deck” thing that went on way too long.

  2. I really just couldn’t get into the Howard the Duck series. I know humor is subjective, and it just didn’t work for me. Plus them renumbering it after five issues if that just made me go “Don’t care.”

  3. Much as it breaks my heart to say it, the biggest let-down for me last year was Big Trouble In Little China.

    Ok, I laughed at the wang jokes, because wang jokes are always funny and that “i peed on your truck” thing was amusing but the rest of it all felt too forced, too desperate to say “look at me! I’m being funny and cult!”

    Shame :(

    Second in the disappointments was the female Thor series. I was absolutely stoked to see it but there was far too much of “legacy Thor” still getting in the way and demanding his hammer back. The reveal of who she was was a huge let-down too. Although the actual character wasn’t a bad choice, the wider circumstance didn’t do her justice.
    I wanted desperately to see a real and viable female Thor standalone story. It deserved so much more and was let down by the clear fact that the writers thought “ah well, let’s just do something different for a few issues before the hard reset”.
    Oh to see that as a long-term ongoing effort.

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