In a lot of ways, 2015 has been a pain, and it’s a year that I’m not sure I’ll miss fondly the way I do 1989 or 2004, though I’ll never hate it as much as 2006.  Still, with so much great pop-culture stuff on the horizon (F’rinstance, I hear there’s a new Star Wars movie!), it’ll be impossible to swing a marmot without bumping into a big pop-culture geekout moment in the New Year, a state of events that never ceases to surprise and please my inner geek.  Add to that the fact that the 2016 Super Sentai team will be the official 40th Anniversary edition, even if their costumes look like screen-prints from a mall kiosk, and there’s a lot to look forward to, leading to today’s prescient query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is pretty sure that says “Zelb”, now that I look at it closely, asking: What’s your most fervent pop-culture wish for 2016?


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  1. For people to stop making spurious claims about “political correctness” destroying pop culture.

    Also on a slightly related note, for the Luke Cage serie to be a huge smash and get a movie spin off.

  2. A new companion for The Doctor similar to Jamie McCrimmon. But as long as it isn’t another possible romantic interest, I think I’ll be happy.

    I’m also looking forward to the 40th anniversary Super Sentai team, and I hope we’ll see some Legend cameos like there was in Gokaiger and to a lesser degree Ninninger, Gaoranger and Boukenger. I don’t expect the same frequency of crossovers as Gokaiger had, but I’d be happier if they appear within the series itself rather than just as part of the movies.

  3. I’d love to see more subtitled Super Sentai made available. I love that box sets are coming out of the ones used for MMPR, and Saban has been making subbed versions of stuff they licensed more available. So it’d be awesome if they kept it coming. Also, as always, I’d love to see more legally available magical girl stuff AND new originals as good as Zodiac Starforce or Sleepless Domain.

  4. I wish for more original ideas and less remakes and rehashes of already existing material. I know that I’m got gonna get it, though. Sequels are welcome, remakes and reboots are not.

    • That reminds me of another wish I have: That people (not you) stop calling some things that aren’t a reboot a reboot. I’ve seen so many articles online and in magazines calling sequels or other works in an existing setting a reboot, such as Star Wars Episode VII and the upcoming X-Files TV mini-series. It makes my head hurt.

      • Yeah, those two are not reboots. JJ’s Star Trek is, or latest Robocop. But in general, website reporting standards are terrible, so I dont expect people writing those “articles” even understand what those words mean.

  5. Lots of hope for the Deadpool movie, and as long as we’re hoping hopes, I hope for time to watch all the movies I’ve missed in 2015.

  6. Christopher Donn on

    I believe Joe Abercrombie said that some of his novels have been optioned for a movie. It would be nice to see one move forward this year. Abercrombie writes immersive fantasy where characters are neither good guys or bad guys and the plots are “mad as a grass helmet”. He’s also able to write cross genre fiction all within the same universe, and he pulls it off. The First Law Trilogy is epic fantasy, Best Served Cold is a revenge story, Red Country is a western, The Heroes is a war story.

    Any would make a great movie, but I’d like to see the First Law Trilogy first. Logen Ninefingers, the Robert E Howard Iron Man of the series, struggles with survival, “I’m still alive, I’m still alive” and with trying not to kill too many more people in his life. It’s exhausting following his story, in a good way. But the real star character is a crippled ex-war hero turned inquisitor, San Dan Glokta. Everyone wants to kill him, he’s not really the worst person in the world. He’s pretty bad, just not the worst. But he’s ultimately sympathetic and fascinating.

    Tret yourself to the audio version if you can. narrated by Stephen Pacey–Fabulous.

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