If you’re like me, there are times you wish you could make more of you so you could actually get something done once in a while! I could accomplish everything on my “to do” list and have time to relax that way! But if there were more of you, would it really work out that way?

That’s what Replica from AfterShock Comics is all about.

Creator and Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Andy Clarke
Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in REPLICA: “Meet Trevor Carter, an Earth-born peacekeeping agent on the intergalactic hub known as The Transfer. When Trevor’s already near-impossible assignment becomes a bit too much for the errant detective, he turns to the only logical approach, Replication. More of a good thing can’t hurt, right? A single clone could be helpful; unfortunately, the replication process doesn’t go as planned! Written by Eisner Award-winning author Paul Jenkins (Wolverine: Origin, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man) and art superstar Andy Clarke (Batman, Judge Dredd), this monthly series promises to be fun, daring, adventurous and most times, quite offensive.”


If you haven’t heard of this company, before, that’s because they have only recently released their first comics! Their website describes themselves this way: “Launched in April 2015, AfterShock Comics is a comic book company that combines the creative edge of an independent comic book publisher with the strengths and experience of a traditional powerhouse.”

Their Editor-in-Chief is someone you may have heard of: Mike Marts. He has over 20 years of comic-book experience, including overseeing some of the industry’s biggest franchises, including Batman, the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s worked for both Marvel Entertainment and DC Comics, so he brings a lot of experience to the table.

AfterShock has released three books to date: Replica #1 and Insexts #1, followed by SuperZero #1. I’ve read all three, and I enjoyed them all!


I’ve liked Mr. Jenkins’ storytelling for some time now, including his recent Deathmatch series from BOOM! Studios. It combined elements of a reality show with superheroes, and I liked how he brought in characters that resembled archetypes as well as new male and female heroes. I would love to see more of that book, come to think of it!

Replica places a human in the unenviable position of having to place human rules on a variety of alien races, many of whom have absolutely no idea about or interest in the human way of doing things.

Trevor gets overwhelmed by the enormity of his assignment, and thinks that if he only had more like him around, his job would be easier! Well, when he tries to have himself cloned, he gets more than he bargained for! More than that, I’m not going to say because I think you’ll enjoy this comic a lot, like I did!

As usual, Jenkins does a great job of breathing life both into detective Trevor and the aliens he’s interacting with. Wisecracking and fun to read about, Trevor doesn’t take much seriously, but he does want to do a good job although he’s not interested in working too hard to get it done right!

Commander Stolteh and Trevor’s partner, Lieutenant Vorgas, are well-crafted and entertaining as they try to adapt to human ways. I particularly enjoyed it when Vorgas actually blows the head of a criminal, then is reprimanded by Trevor to follow protocols. Vorgas responds with, “Stop, or I fire!” just a little too late!

Things come to a head on the last page of this issue, with someone being murdered by an alien who couldn’t have done it, apparently!


I also particularly enjoyed the art provided by Andy Clarke, which has something of a Brian Bolland feel to it at times.

Both human expressions and aliens of all shapes and size are visually interesting and understandable. The action sequences work well, too!

I don’t often talk about covers, but this issue’s cover was particularly great! We see Trevor and his alien buddies partying around him, many of them holding balloons or wearing hats and the like with the number “1” on it. This has several meanings, including the fact that this is the first issue of the series. However, since Trevor is the first before the cloning process takes place, it also shares that meaning as well!

BOTTOM LINE: A Fun Launch!

When launching a new comics company, it’s important to release product that will represent the level of quality you want to be know for. Replica was a great choice to be one of the early books from AfterShock, I think! Great characters, fun interaction, fast-paced plotting and powerful art are sure to attract readers who like to dive into an excellent comic!

One word of warning to those who are concerned about this: There are several four-letter words sprinkled in the dialogue. I can already see some of you rolling your eyes at this, but there are still some parents who may want to be aware of this before letting their children buy this book. They did use the word “offensive,” after all! For the rest of us, it adds a little spice to what’s being said, I’m sure!

Replica and their other new books are getting AfterShock off to a good start! I hope you’ll give them a try! The shop where I get my comics liked them so much they’re ordering ten more for the shelves! I hope this will happen a lot across the country!

Replica #1


A Great Start

AfterShock Comics leads off with Replica #1 and others!

User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)
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Replica #1


A Great Start

AfterShock Comics leads off with Replica #1 and others!

User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)

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