Here’s the thing about the 80s: They don’t let go of you.  It’s not that Gen Xers aren’t able to move on from things like G.I. Joe, Max Headroom and Joe Isuzu, it’s just that it was the last decade during which you could like terrible things without having to feign irony or explain that you don’t mean the remake…

That’s probably too harsh, in retrospect.  But, in any case, I still haven’t forgiven Andie, the main character of ‘Pretty In Pink’ for her utterly bone-headed decision to go with pretty boy preppy Blain instead of lovable goofball Ducky.  Yes, both boys are kind of terrible, but the whole arc of the film makes more sense if you presume that Andie would learn her lesson and choose the one the knows and trusts rather than the Izod Zombie, leading to today’s wrong-headed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also thinks that Batman donning an exoskeleton to go head-to-head with Darkseid is right up there in the stupids, frankly, asking: What’s the dumbest dumb decision ever made by one of your favorite fictional characters?


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  1. The Big Eye. The Golden Centurion. The Listener. The Weapons-Master. M’sieu Machine. The Leaper. Doctor Hands. They are.. the New Blackhawks!

  2. Every time heroes do a pact with the Devil equivalent of their universe knowing who he is. When has that turned out fine? Never.

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