Han Solo shot first. That is simply a fact of life much like small Yoda is and Count Dooku was really Count Cukoo. Insignificant Fist is celebrating Han’s quick draw with a product that will make you the life of a cantina.

Insignificant Fish has designed a prototype that will make sure you have the first and last shot with a flask based off Han’s DL44 Blaster. Not only does this marvel of alcohol engineering hold 4.4 oz of your preferred beverage, the silver muzzle screws off to become a 1.5oz shot glass.




Now, Insignificant Fish designed the product simply for fun and a good time, but the product has received huge support online and according to their website they are “working hard to find a way to bring this to life.” Licensing is going to be the hardest part for the company to get around because a quick search (and I do mean quick) didn’t show many any Star Wars merchandise tied directly to alcohol. I’m not including the Etsy products that I found because I consider that site a desolate wasteland of fringe copyright violations, that, to be fair, I totally love.

The big question is though, if Insignificant Fish was able to produce and sell their Han Solo Blaster Flask, would you be interested and how much would you spend on it?

via Insignificant Fish


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