When the first Star Wars movie released back in the 70’s not only was the film industry changed forever, but so was the toy industry. With the Star Wars universe ready to start expanding once again statues like this new Captain Phasma from Kotobukiya are going to become the new normal for fans across the globe.

Captain Phasma is played by Gwendoline Christie in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and her character immediately stood out even in the first trailer for the film. As a commander in the First Order she decided to add menacing touch to her Storm Trooper armor by having it painted in a reflective chrome with black accents. She didn’t stop there though because her signature blaster matches the armor and then in draped in a long black cape with red trim, which hangs over her left shoulder.

When you open your box from Kotobukiya you will be greeted with a figure that looks like it walked out of the screen and into your home, although just a wee bit shorter at 8” tall. The Captain Phasma statue comes with her custom blaster along with interchangeable arm parts so you can change the way she is posed.

The pre-order period for the Captain Phasma statue from Kotobukiya is still open and ready for you to spend a very worthwhile $69.99. Kotobukiya will release Captain Phasma in April 2016.

via Kotobukiya


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