The Death Star is the most heinous weapon/spaceship ever devised, which makes it the perfect candidate for blasting away your hunger each morning.

Nothing to complicated about this exclusive licensed product from ThinkGeek. It’s a waffle maker with a mold to make each look like the Death Star with a 7” diameter Boom. Sign me up.

ThinkGeek- Death Star -Waffle
ThinkGeek- DeathStar -Waffle-2

Fun Fact: The pancakes produced will be a 1:787 scale of the original Death Star. See kids, math is fun and important.

There is a rumor that the Empire has placed a batch order on these to celebrate their latest planet destroying machine, which is why ThinkGeek is back ordered on the product until February 2016. You can still go ahead and place your order now through the site for a mere $39.99 so you can get it right away once they are back in stock.

via ThinkGeek

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Zach Woolf

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