This week, we are ending the epic battle between Sandman and Clayface, and turning our attention to something a bit more cerebral.  Major Spoilerite Vistapa wants to know if would rather travel through time or through alternate dimensions?

It’s a great question that demands you response.


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Also, don’t forget to use the comment section below to share your reasoning.


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  1. I chose time travel within our dimension because it’s ours. Traveling through different dimensions is a bit irrelevant because they’re not ours. Nothing there can affect you since you’re not from there. But traveling through time, you could really affect things.

  2. Time travel for me. What can I say? I’m a middle-aged nerd, and I’d love to go back and see things like pegs full of Mego super heroes figures and Micronauts. :D

  3. I chose alternate dimensions because I’ve spent way too long mentally playing with concepts of causality, paradox, predestination, and other time travel complexities. If I’m going to be traveling around, I want to put those concerns aside and just have fun.

  4. Alternate dimensions! I would want to see how different choices play out, rather than how the ones we are currently living with happened.

  5. Alternate dimensions.

    It isn’t that I wouldn’t want to travel through time, but I know I’m not strong enough to resist altering certain events in history if I had the chance. I’ve lost a lot of loved ones over the years to preventable events (accidents and things like that), and even knowing that changing their fates could create an even worse chain of events, I know I wouldn’t have the will to NOT try to change things. So I’m taking the safer of the two choices and still getting the chance to fulfill a dream I’ve had since I was a little kid reading about alternate timelines in comics.

  6. Ooooo, yeah, this is a tough choice. But I picked time travel. There are just so many people I’d like to see and places I’d like to visit. I really would like to see Billie Holliday live. I want to visit many libraries throughout history. And I’d really like to catch lost Greek plays.

  7. Simon Gosselin on

    Great question. I would like to do both. Since I have to make a choice, I’d say time travel. I’m an history geek. I’d love to be a spectator to great moments in our history. And see dinosaurs.

  8. I’ve have always been facinated by the “Road not taken” concept,and the infinite posibilities were i get to see what would happen, from the big events like a world were JFK didn’t die, a world were everybody it’s super smart, to the really personal stuff like what would happen if i have taken that job in another city, etc.. and with the added beneffit of not worrying about paradoxes or messing with the time line.

  9. Who on earth would choose time travel? The past is mostly awful and the future is full of spoilers, also all those paradoxs give me a headache. I’ll take my chances sliding to those other worlds.

  10. Time travel makes me dizzy. And I’m always worried of what to do and not do.
    Dimension travel is much easier to wrap my head around and it is definitely more comfortable.

  11. I would have to go with alternate realities. The idea of the butterfly effect means it is way too easy to drastically alter things with time travel. With sliding to alternate realities, I can go somewhere and act like a super villian until someone comes after me then slide back here with no consequences in this reality

  12. Alternate dimensions, so I can pick up DVDs of seasons of shows that weren’t canceled before their time Star Trek, Duckman, The Critic, etc.

  13. So I have a choice between either being the idiot of the past/making fun of the idiots from the past… or going to all of my favorite universes.

    To hell with time travel – I’m going to Weyard! There’s a new adept coming to town!

    • No, seriously. Let’s hammer this home. Other dimensions means other laws of physics, which means that in many of them, there’s legit magic analogues. What self respecting witch would ever choose time travel over that?

  14. Have to point out the fact that the Hosts of the show chosen between a controled time travel and a chaotic dimesions jump, wich it’s not a fair comparasion, but since this is a would you rather question, there’s no wrong answer.

  15. I want to find the universe where Firefly wasn’t cancelled and Angel got at LEAST another season.

    Also the one where Spider-Man and Superman are still married.
    Ooh. Maybe one where they’re married in the comics and to one where they exist in real life and are also still married.

    Man. The possibilities.

    • The only reason I was okay with Angel ending when it did was because they hinted a few TV movies to come after. I know that they did continue the story in comics, but it just wasn’t the same. Even if they did a movie now, it wouldn’t be the same without Andy Hallett.

      I like to imagine there is a reality out there that they not only continued, but they even gave Lorne his own spinoff as a lighter tone series in the same setting (like “Cheers” with demons).

  16. Time travel wins hands down for several reasons.
    1- Give me a sports almanac and I’m RICH!
    2- Whose to say that you don’t slide into an alternate reality where the Earth was an uninhabitable wasteland, or worse, entirely populate by Ewoks.
    3- You could settle the “debate” about the creationism vs evolution.
    4- You could return to 2003 and game the ratings to keep Firefly on the air.

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