Moonstone Books sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for books arriving in April 2016.

GUNS#1sm100 Guns1Xsm100GUNS OF THE BLACK BAT # 1
Story: Ron Fortier, Aaron Shaps
Art: Silvestre Szilagyi
Cover: Michael Stribling
32pgs, gray, 7” x 10”, $3.50

Dateline 1938. Hitler and the Nazis have begun their plans to conquer the world. In the states, the crimefighter known as the Black Bat encounters German spies exhibiting strange, unworldly powers. Have aliens infiltrated the Third Reich and is the threat to mankind greater than imagined? Hurriedly the Bat assembles a team of specialists to help him confront this unknown foe: Airboy, Domino Lady, Moon Man, Golden Amazon, and more! They will become known as The Guns of the Black Bat.
***RETAILER INCENTIVE: If you purchase 4 or more copies of Guns of the Black Bat #1, you will receive 1 FREE variant issue!

DLSHtpb100Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady TPB
Writers: Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash
Art: Reno Maniquis, Mike Fyles
Cover: Mike Fyles
124Pgs, $14.95, 7” x 10”, sc, color

NY Times best-selling author Nancy Holder!
Contains a brand new Domino Lady comic story, a brand new Holmes/Domino illustrated prose story, a Holmes/Domino Lady prose story with NEW illustrations, and reprints Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady issues#1 & 2, & The Holmes Holiday Special story!

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