Of all the bits and pieces of the ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer, I’m finding the reactions to Wonder Woman’s brief appearance to be the most interesting.  With DC finally willing to take the plunge on a solo female hero feature film, this focus on her lead-in appearance seems to bode well, especially the response to her iconic costume.  Of course, that selfsame costume is likely a large portion of why live-action Wonder Woman takes are so rare, with its strange balance of armor-to-40s-bathing-suit being very difficult to pull off.  Add to that the dozens of subtle (and not so subtle, if you ever saw the 90s comics where the blue lower half was often drawn as a thongs) changes and variations, and there are a lot more costuming questions than with Batman’s gear or The Hulk’s purple stretch slacks, leading us to today’s Amazonian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still has great love for the satin tights that Lynda Carter wore in the 1970s, which (while crude by today’s live-action standards) were bright and clearly identifiable as a superhero suit, asking: What version of the Wonder Woman costume do you most wish they would use in her solo film?


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  1. That from batman v superman works for me as long as it is brighter in color……it looks like diana & the loincloth & breastplate are suitable for an ancient greek style :)

  2. I prefer the silver accents to gold, although it really only works if the lasso is also silver. Also, I really hate the Xena look with sword and shield. Prefer she just stuck with the lasso.

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