As is apparently tradition for me, my December has started off relatively poorly, with illnesses, absences, infirmities and such vying for attention, as well as the general dyspepsia that accompanies my upcoming birthday.  The latest thunderbolt moment for me was finding that the super-talented and incredibly busy Aisha Tyler and I are practically the same age, making me wonder if I could have been the multi-media celebrity/actor/pundit and also have been smokin’ hot, if I somehow chose a different door when a butterfly flapped its wings back in the fourth grade.  (If only I’d taken that skateboard proficiency!)  Fortunately for me, I try to be a generally positive feller, so I know it won’t last, but at least I know that for every Aisha, Chris Jericho or Sarah Silverman my age, there’s also Kirk Cameron and D’Lo Brown, which leads us to today’s generational query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also reminds Faithful Spoilerites of the dangers of comparison, but still thinks that it’s an interesting exercise, asking: What noteworthy pop-culture figure are you most shocked and/or dismayed to find out is the same age as you are?


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  1. Im most shocked about being same age as Mario. Another one I remembered when i woke up stiff and with sore foot this morning that my favorite wrestler, Kanako Urai (Tthe best women’s pro wrestler you’ve ever see in America, shes called Asuka in NXT, Matthew. Only downside is that she makes others look hilariously bad most of the time) is same age too.

  2. Not so much a ‘my age’ discovery, but I saw that Frankie Muniz of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ had just turned 30. It revealed he was much older than I’d imagined when that show went on the air.

  3. It always depresses me that I’m actually just a month older than David Backham, Jamie Oliver and Enrique Iglesias. If only I had taken the red pill, and seen how deep the rabbit hole went, I might have realised my full potential.

    On the plus side, I’m always happy to point out that I share my birthday with the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, as well as the Two Emmas (Thompson and Watson)!

  4. I’m the same age as Grant Gustin, I should not be old enough to play a star on CW show. I used to mock that notion of people in their mid twenties playing high schoolers (which he’s not, but everything else fits.)

  5. Turns out that I’m the same age as Adele which is weird since I always thought her album titles were references to her age when they’re released. She just came out with 25, but we’re 27. I’m confused.

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