As someone who can take or leave Batman, I’m always fascinated by how much effort goes in to making him look super-cool in each new incarnation, making a very real case that, while he has no powers, he survives by Rule of Cool.  For some heroes, though, the opposite is true, as with ‘The Savage Dragon’ hero Powerhouse, who has superhuman powers on a Kryptonian level in return for the head of a chicken.  Regardless of his level of superhuman might, he tends to get no respect (because he has the head of a chicken, natch), leading us to today’s superficial-but-not-in-a-bad-way query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) cautions all Spoilerites to recall the lesson of Thunderbunny, where phenomenal cosmic power is tied to a seriously silly form, asking: Would you want to be extremely powerful if it also meant looking utterly ridiculous?


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  1. It depends on what kind of “powerful” I am. If it is a Ben 10 type deal where I could change back, I’d be more likely to say yes without hesitation (particularly if I could become something like Rath or Kickin Hawk), but otherwise it would probably depend what kind of powers I’d have.

    I would likely say yes anyway, though. I’m fairly indifferent to my own appearance, but I might be a little different from the majority as I have been sick since childhood and my major concerns are more about my health (as in not having a relapse or getting worse, not health food and exercise or that sort of thing) than I am how I look. As long as I’m not hindered any further than I already am or otherwise losing anything major (like sight, touch, etc.), I’d be okay with it.

  2. If it was transformation, then sure. Not so sure if it was permanent state and something utterly impractical, like being a tree or big rock monster weighing a ton.

  3. Yes, for the simple reason when you’re that strong and powerful and especially if you’re the do-gooder type, no one is going to tell you to your face that you look funny or weird. Of course, there’s always that one spoilsport in the bunch – anyone else remember the adventures of Chicken Boo?

    And apart from being a bunny wabbit, I always thought that Thunderbunny was awesome!

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