Marvel and DC both have Earth based shape shifters in the form of Sandman and Clayface. Each can be brought down with a well place gush of water, but if the two had to go against each other, who would win?



Sandman (William Baker a.k.a. Flint Marko) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. A shapeshifter endowed through an accident with the ability to turn himself into sand, he began as a villain and later became an ally of Spider-Man.

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #4 (September 1963). Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

CLAYFACE (Matt Hagen)

The second Clayface, Matt Hagen, first appeared in Detective Comics #298. A treasure hunter, Hagen finds a mysterious radioactive pool of protoplasm in a cave. Immersing himself in it, he is transformed into a malleable clay-like form which could be shaped into almost anything he desires. This is only a temporary effect, however, requiring him to return to the pool periodically in order to maintain use of his powers.

With a bit of knowledge under your belt, it is time to throw them in the ring and have them fight!


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  1. Jeffrey Corbello on

    With enough sand I think Sandman could dry out Clayface. Clayface could not wash away Sandman. Sand is made to withstand water.

    But I like Clayface better as a character.

  2. They seem so closely matched that I had to go to appearance to decide. Clay monster looks cooler to me than a green shirt and slacks, so I voted Clayface.

  3. Using the power sets as described above, Sandman would win.
    Sandman’s powers are not time limited and are more flexible than Clayface’s
    NOTE: The Clayface picture above is from Batman:TAS and is NOT the same as described above. Don’t be fooled by appearances!

  4. Karl G. Siewert on

    I think there’s no question that the Sandman would win, because he’s the Shaper, the Lord Of Dreams. He has been shown in the comics to be able to curse people with eternal waking or trap them in the Dream Realm for eternity. I think there’s no contest, frankly.

  5. Chris from Orlando on

    For me, this pole came down to the geologic properties between clay and sand. Sand is a granular soil particle classified as A-2 and above (A-2, A-3, and A-1) while clayey soil particles don’t appear until we get down to the ultra-fine A-6 and below. If Sandman can get the fight anywhere near water, Clayface’s molecular and microscopic soil structure (both – cool, right!) will collapse and he’ll simply dissociate.

    In the end, engineering is the real hero.

  6. I simply choose Clayface because he is a Batman villain while Sandman is a Spider-Man villain. So of course if Clayface can put up any sort of fight with Batman then he should easily be able to defeat a Spider-Man villain.

  7. This was no contest in my mind. Sandman, for the simple reason that he goes toe to toe with someone like Spider-Man while Clayface gets frequently beaten by non-super powered guys like Bat-family. They are in completely different weight class.

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