reports that Disney XD‘s highest rated show Star Wars Rebels has officially been renewed for a third season. The third season is currently in production and will air in 2016.


In a press release Lucasfilm Senior Vice President of Development and head of the Star Wars Story Grop Kiri Hart stated:

“We’re very proud of our incredibly creative Rebels team. The show continues to tell fun, heartfelt, exciting new Star Wars stories week after week, and it’s beloved by fans of all ages. Season Three will see our rebel heroes face new obstacles and find new allies in their fight against the Empire.”

As Star Wars Rebels‘ third season draws ever closer to the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope are you more excited to watch the series or less likely to continue following the story of Ezra and his shipmates?


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  1. Brenning Dragonbred on

    I’m not surprised that it was renewed as it is a very fun series for both young and old. Not quite as good as Clone Wars was, but not too far off.

    I’ll be watching until the series either starts getting ridiculous (hey, it happens) or til it ends. I love Star Wars, but I don’t blindly follow everything that bears the Star Wars name, but this has been a very entertaining and fun show so far.

    I really hope the series doesn’t end if it catches up to Episode IV but shows what becomes of these characters in the original trilogy era. They could even follow the example of Clone Wars and have a few non-chronological episodes that tell stories from different points in the timeline.

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