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  1. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, Superman is getting increasingly unlikable, moody, and brooding…while Batman is in full-on paranoid jerk-ass mode.

    Honestly, at this point, I’m rooting for Wonder Woman over either of these chuckleheads. If she turns out to be the voice of reason that gets Supes & Bats to stop being idiots, I might be happy.

  2. I have so many questions….and they all pertain to the trench coat Batman is wearing.

    Why is the coat necessary? Is his Bat Armor not water proof?
    How in the world did he get it on? Alfred had to help him, right?
    Did he wear his armor to the store so he could try on different coats?
    Why did he go with tan instead of black? Is he trying to make some fashion statement?
    Did he buy a matching fedora to complete his Clark Kent cosplay?

  3. Looks like they straight up used Injustice plot with totalitarian nazi Superman. That is baffling, do they really want to portray their most iconic characters like this to general public? Looks like Warner fell even deeper into the “gritty” hole they have been digging from the beginning of Nolan Batman movies, which weren’t good either, for ton of reasons I’m not getting into now. If anyone thinks this is fresh or new take, its not, its has been done to death in comics for years now. If anything, this “alternative” jerk anti-hero bs has become the standard now, I’m so very tired of that gimmick. The more they reveal about this, more it makes me not want to see the whole movie. Maybe from some DVD bargain bin for 5 bucks.

    • Watching it for second time, seems like its Batman hallucinating or having a nightmare about what could happen. Strange choice for a teaser though, because its misleading if I’m right.

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