Here at Stately Spoilers Manor East (home of the 3 pound hamburger and chocolate-covered tater chips), it’s Thanksgiving Day, but that doesn’t meant that the MS-QOTD takes a day off.  Our previous discussion of Best X-Men (for the record, it goes Jubilee, Mimic, Rogue, Phoenix, Armor then the rest of ’em) was actually spurred by the upcoming Marvel limited series, reputedly featuring the “Worst X-Man ever”, a series that has a whole of work ahead of it if they want to be worse than Paulie “Omerta” Provenzano.  Openly homophobic, overtly combative to teammates and, perhaps worst of all, a two-dimensional cardboard cutout pop-culture mafioso, his maybe-sorta death during an issue of Weapon X was completely ignored by readers and former teammates alike.  Of course, any group of eighty-plus characters is going to have the occasional bad egg, which leads us to today’s astonishing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t generally like to be negative like this, so enjoy this chance to be snarky about Maggott (but be careful about backhanding Cypher), asking: Who’s the worst X-Man of them all?


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  1. Unpopular opinion? Jean Gray. Highly mentally unstable, near-godlike powers, and in Dark Phoenix mode, she killed a galaxy.

    Happy thanksgiving, Major Spoilers!

  2. Juggernaut. Unbearable douche even when they tried to make him a good guy on regular basis. Sabretooth close second. I dont dislike the character, hes the only one I can see as good opponent for Wolverine without having to gimp the snikt stuff but after all the things that guy has done, he has no business in any of the X-Men teams. Of he characters who were never actual bad guys, Northstar. I can take about two dialogue bubbles from that guy before it makes me want to strangle someone.

    • I appreciate juggernaut in the context of new Excalibur, but outside of that series no one put effort into his arc. His time in the xmen title was grating.

      Attempts to redeem 616 sabertooth always fall flat, he has crossed too many lines.

  3. Emma Frost. Especially since New X-Men shoved her into the line up as the only reason the world doesn’t end (Cyclops decides to stay with Emma after Jean dies…again).

  4. Marrow. I couldn’t stand her when she was introduced and her origin was more obnoxious. She was an X-Man for what? 12 minutes?

  5. Adam x the extreme, setting your blood on fire is the worst superpower ever, glad to see at least one person agrees with me.

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