Merry Marvel’s mutant contingent, long the center of attention, have recently been shunted aside in favor of movie darlings The Avengers, “overnight successes” The Guardians Of The Galaxy, and a host of Inhumans whom they have full media rights to use.  Whether you believe the conspiracy theories about higher-ups in the Marvel offices wanting to damage the X-Men & FF’s cultural cache or not, it’s hard to disagree that the followers of Xavier are at a low point for availability.  Given that obscurity is my bailiwick, this has led me to re-evaluate the X-Men, including some of their lesser-known members, with new eyes, and has revealed to me that Jubilee is the greatest of all costumed mutants.  Of course, as with any “Greatest”, the truth is in the eye of the beholder, leading to today’s uncanny query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is ready to hear from the underserved Maggott, Morph and Lifeguard fan-bases today, so get on the stick, Faithful Spoilerites, asking: Who’s the best X-Man of them all?


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  1. Since you specified ‘best X-Man’ in your question, as opposed to ‘best mutant’, I’ll go with my first choice, the highly under-rated and under-utilised Longshot.

  2. I’ve always been partial to Cyclopes, myself. Despite being the x-men’s iconic leader, I feel like he’s never really received the appreciation he deserves. A lot of fans tend to write him off as boring (which I’ve never understood) or think of him as second banana to Wolverine. But I’ve always seen him as fascinating, complex, and relatable character.

    If you want to talk about good characters that are criminally underused, well X-Men has a ton of them. But my favorite underused character Cessily Kincade, Mercury, from New X-Men vol.2 Academy X. I really enjoyed her character arc and personality. She especially played a great straight man to Rockslide’s antics, and I loved her friendship with X-23. And on top of that her powers are awesome. She’s basically a tiny, adorable T1000. Her unique look makes her a common appearance as a random background student in the halls of the Jean Grey school, but that’s pretty much the only way she’s been used in a long time and it’s just a absolute shame and a waste of a great character in my opinion.

  3. Morph is certainly one of my favorites, but I cannot say he is the “best”. I haven’t really followed X-Men in some time, but I was always fascinated by Beast in almost any incarnation. It may not make him one of the best X-Men in general, but he is definitely one of the best X-Men to me.

  4. I’ve always been partial to Gambit, but it is only recently that I realize that I like him because he is clearly color-blind like me.

  5. Jeffrey Corbello on

    He is both brain and brawn. He could lead the team as well as be a fierce soldier.
    He has a story of overcoming strife.
    He is everything.

  6. Storm. she’s a fantastic leader, has range, can be an offensive or defensive member of the team, has a decent stealth/subterfuge background thanks to being a former thief, and man, that hair.

  7. Cyclops. Hes always there with one exception of pretty bad storyline, no offense to Storm Fans. Colossus and Nightcrawler second and third.

  8. My favorite underused character was Pixie, but the best is a lot harder.

    I’d probably have to vote Dazzler, just for that one what if where she reforms galactus

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