Hello, Critical Hit fans. here we present part one of a dossier from the mysterious organization known as OVERSIGHT. Come back next week for part 2.

Welcome to Oversight, before you read through this dossier please refer to your medical packet for ways to combat cross-vertex cerebral calcification. It is very important.

Vertex List

Here is a list of all twelve vertices. Recruits are expected to know the official number of each vertex, as well as the “nickname” if any clarification is needed. Recruits should also study the iconographs to help get a better sense of the mathematomystical resonances of each vertex.

  • Vertex 1 – The Nest
  • Vertex 2 – The Staircase
  • Vertex 3 – The Eye
  • Vertex 4 – The Hourglass
  • Vertex 5 – The Clock
  • Vertex 6 – The Spiders
  • Vertex 7 – The Chain
  • Vertex 8 – The Lovers
  • Vertex 9 – The Swarm
  • Vertex 10 – The Corpse
  • Vertex 11- The Knot
  • Vertex 12 – The Bloom

Demiplane Terminology

Here at Oversight, we divide planes into four categories, (Cosmic, Mirrored, Spectral and Concrete) depending on how they influence, or are influenced by their prime material world. These descriptions are simply that, shorthand for the direction of influence, no two cosmic planes are the same, except insofar as they have a one-way influence channel.
These terms apply to the way that major events like energy surges, mass extinctions and astrological movement affect the planes. An invasion from one demiplane to the prime material world is not the type of influence this refers to.


Cosmic demiplanes create one-way influence, the demiplane affects the prime material world and the prime material world does not affect the demiplane directly.
Example: All of the Swarm’s “stars” are cosmic demiplanes.
Example: “The Astral Sea” affects the Bloom’s prime material world’s night sky, but The Bloom’s prime material world does not affect the demiplane directly.


Mirrored planes have two-way influence. Both the prime material world and the demiplane affect each other.
Example: The Bloom’s “Feywild” affects its prime material world and vice versa.
Example: The Knot’s “Golden City” is a mirrored plane, in fact, it shares many attributes with the Bloom’s feywild.


Spectral demiplanes are, in a way, the opposite of cosmic planes. The prime material world affects the demiplane, but the demiplane does not affect the prime material world.
Example: The Bloom’s “Shadowfell” is affected by its prime material world, but does not impact the prime material world directly.


Concrete demiplanes have no direct influence on their prime material world, nor do their prime material worlds have any influence on them.
Example: The Staircase’s second and third “hells” and second and third “heavens” have no direct impact on its prime material world or vice versa.

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  1. How long did it take for the players to realise the planes are shaped like a d20 and they had used a machine tuned to a d12?

  2. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    I’d love to see more of these vertices, such as “The Spiders”, The Corpse”, and “The Lovers”. I suppose there’s a chance since QRD told the heroes to “stay out of it” and the first thing they did was start planning to get back into it! :)

    The question is, what Vertex does Earth reside in? I’m guessing “The Eye”, with little evidence to back up that assumption.

  3. Major Spoilers Crew: could yous please add notations to the above document with which episodes numbers/names included the Party in which Vertices and memorable bits from those episodes, e.g. “S05-11 ‘Dream Quills’ took place on The Nest, which was influenced by the manifestations of the 4 Dragons in the sky.”

  4. Mr. Lopez, once again, you blow my mind.
    You never cease to amaze me with the level of detail and planification you give to the world of Critical Hit.
    You’re awesome!

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