Dark Horse Comics, the largest independent entertainment company, is very pleased to announce four new staff members.

“We’re extremely proud of and confident in our new staff members. They each bring with them unique talents and new skill sets,” said Dave Marshall, Dark Horse’s editor in chief. “We’re committed to being the leader in independent comics and entertainment, and our editors play a key role in shaping the direction of our publishing line and delivering quality books to our fans. We’re lucky to have editors of this caliber.”

Please join us in congratulating our new editors and executive assistant on their past accomplishments and wishing them luck in their new roles in the company.

Hannah Means-Shannon, Associate Editor
Hannah Means-Shannon holds a BA, two MAs, and a PhD from Oxford University in medieval language and literature.

A native of North Carolina, Means-Shannon lived and studied in the UK for ten years prior to returning to the US to teach as an English professor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for eight years. She quickly became involved in comics journalism through the comics community in New York and Brooklyn, and wrote first for Trip City and then as a contributing editor at The Comics Beat before contributing to BleedingCool.com.

Means-Shannon acted as editor in chief for Bleeding Cool for two years and editor of Bleeding Cool magazine for one year. She has published numerous scholarly essays on the comics medium and contributed to several academic books about comics and is currently working on a book about the work of Alan Moore called Meet the Magus: Magic in the Work of Alan Moore for Sequart Research & Literacy Organization.

On Twitter: @HannahMenzies

Rachel Roberts, Assistant Editor
Rachel Roberts earned a BA in visual communication from Northern Arizona University. When she realized that graphic design wasn’t her “one true calling,” she channeled her love of art and comics into an editorial internship at Archaia Entertainment in Hollywood, CA.

After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2013, Roberts joined Dark Horse and spent two years as Mike Richardson’s executive assistant. In the time since she made the jump to Editorial, she’s assisted on such titles as The Art of Fallout 4, Dragon Age, Usagi Yojimbo, and The Legend of Korra.

On Twitter: @SpookyBoberts

Bekah Caden, Assistant Editor
An Oregon native, Bekah Caden has lived in Portland for two and a half years. She’s absolutely obsessed with comics. Prior to working for Dark Horse, Caden was an intern for Top Shelf Productions (publishers of From Hell, Blankets, Essex County, and March) and also worked in freelance social media management.

Caden is the new assistant editor for Buffy, Angel & Faith, Serenity, Aliens, and Predator. She will also serve as assistant editor on Brian Wood’s series Rebels and The Massive: Ninth Wave, ElfQuest, the upcoming Van Jensen series Two Dead and Cryptocracy, and Greg Pak’s Kingsway West.

On Twitter: @BekahCaden

Judy Khuu, Executive Assistant
Judy Khuu has a BA from San Diego State University. With an extensive background in theatrical and live events, Khuu has worked on productions including the Emmy Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, Comic-Con, and E3. Khuu joins the Dark Horse team as executive assistant to Mike Richardson.

Prior to Dark Horse, Khuu coordinated stage designs for touring artists including Steve Aoki, Matchbox Twenty, LL Cool J, and Bruno Mars. And with her knowledge of popular culture, music, and media, she managed media buying at Anyone Collective.

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