In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: The party weighs its options to get into the tower.

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  1. Good episode, even though it was just people discussing how to get into the tower! I guess this is where the team learns cohesion, and Sam is really doing great with her rogue character and the strengths of the rogue class. I laughed out loud when the party ‘sneaks’ through the wide gate and actually said out loud “Isn’t it ‘glide’?” when the comment was made about ‘sneak’ being the Eladrin ‘walk’, and I was thrilled when Rodrigo said it was ‘glide’ just 3 seconds later XD

    No art to appreciate for this episode show notes though? :<

  2. Derrick Donaldson on

    I hope I am not the only one disappointed that the group didn’t jump at the opportunity to become some sort of circus troop in order to get in. That sound like a missed opportunity for some pure podcast gold!

  3. Calleigh Mentzer-Tootle on

    “While we’re playing ‘Perfect World’, I’ve decided that I now have a pony.” – Sekhar / Matthew


  4. XantharTheFlame on

    Listened to this episode for the first time (hello Future Person!)

    The whole time the party was planning their break-in I kept wondering why they didn’t use Little Sparkle’s excellent recon and skills to just sneak past the outer guards (forget what race they are, starts with a “T”, controllers of the city, etc.? I hate my 50 y.o. brain sometimes)…. Anyway, sneak past the outer guards and the area outside, get to the door and …. just knock maybe? Ask whomever answers if they can see the Skytalkers before just breaking in?

    Worth a shot, right?

    My two cents. Curious to see what happens next, and really enjoying Season 5 so far! Samantha is a great addition to the show. I love her rogue character, and Matthew’s new warden character is very interesting too. :-)

    Surprised Randus and Orem aren’t having real panic / bad flashbacks about breaking into a tower again though. They have had very bad experiences with them!!

    Also surprised the 3 returning characters haven’t spent more time catching up with each other on the past 5 years. It almost feels like they don’t care, which we all know is not the case. We are learning more about Ket’s past from Little Sparkle it seems.

    Anyway, just my rambling thoughts so far. Not trying to be critical of anyone – you should know by now based on my previous comments that I think you are all great and put out an excellent show, almost every week, at no charge, so thank you.


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