Star Wars has and always will be about spectacle, on and off the screen, but what Disney did with Stormtroopers to promote The Force Awakens could almost be seen from space.

Alright, alright, there is no way this could be seen from space, but it sure did sound good as an opening line.

The day after the premiere of the new Force Awakens trailer, Disney placed 500 Stormtroopers on the Great Wall of China, gave fans free red and blue lightsabers, and took an epic picture. Why China you may ask? First off, the US doesn’t have an epicly huge wall to line up Stormtroopers on, but most importantly China is quickly becoming the country with the world’s largest box office numbers.

Bringing Stormtroopers to the Wall isn’t the first opportunity Disney has taken to get the largest country ready for what is poised to be the largest movie in history. Earlier this year, nearly four decades after the release of Star Wars, the original trilogy of films were shown in theaters for the first time in China.

Only 56 more days until the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

via The Guardian


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