A massive glitch in DLC content offers a mixed bag for a small group of Disgaea fans, only a few days after launch. Major Spoilers was able to get the scoop, after the jump.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance launched this past Tuesday to much excitement from the fans. Its part of a game series that is fairly obscure in the grand scheme of gaming in general, but with a fiercely devoted fanbase. The company that makes the game, Nippon Ichi, is known for caring for quality over quantity, and are committed to making an amazing product. They take as long as is needed, but even with extensive testing, bugs and glitches are bound to happen.

So it wasn’t that surprising to hear about bugs regarding the preorder bonuses. They were annoying for fans, sure, but not as newsworthy as what happened next.

Players were given an option to buy a Season Pass, which would allow them to play the DLC, and paying a reduced rate for it. On October 7th, a glitch happened that released the entire catalog of DLC and character extras to those who had the Season Pass. This was also made available to anyone who bought a Season Pass during the short window the bug was occurring.

There is no official statement from Nippon Ichi on the web at the moment. Posts in official forums by Nippon Ichi employees regarding the incident, such as the Disgaea Reddit, were deleted. Unfortunately, no screenshots were taken of these forums or the official Twitter, so I am unable to confirm anything Nippon Ichi said during the event. However, my girlfriend, who is currently playing Disgaea 5, managed to buy a Season Pass during the short window. She got all of the DLC and also took screencaps showing everything unlocked.

Characters that are not supposed to be available until November 11th

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance downloaded accidental early DLC

Where the Netherworlds of the DLC can be accessed, and are shown ready to play

Nippon Ichi is not taking the DLC away from those who managed to get it, but did work quickly so that not too many others could use the bug to their advantage. And, as is fairly common with games that have only just been released, the DLCs that have a later release date aren’t done yet. In it, there is a lot of voicework missing, with random battle sounds put in instead. For example, one of the characters, named Petta, only has her name voiced, so the result makes it sound like she’s a pokemon in fights. The autoscrolling speed for reading the dialogue boxes is also inconsistent, making the DLC a mixed experience. But it isn’t fair to judge a product that obviously isn’t complete yet, and they hadn’t been planning on releasing until a later date. The main game content, which came out on Tuesday, is polished and was ready for launch when it came out.

In the end, a group of hardcore fans of an obscure series got a very special present from the gaming company they love, even if accidentally.


via Makai Senki Disgaea (here and here)
via Nerd Reactor
via PlayStation EU
via PS4 screencaps, courtesy of Lilianna Warren

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  1. Holy carp, Disgaea news here? I’m pleasantly surprised by this~♥

    Anyone who’s not ever tried the series before should definitely give it a shot.

  2. Disgaea 5 is bugged it seems I own the season pass the valvatorez and fuka parts are out and its saying i have to pay for them

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