The last few decades of comics have been transformative in many ways, with massive (if occasionally short-lived) changes being made and many characters coming out the better on the other side.  Captain Marvel, The Guardians of The Galaxy and more are now household words, and The Flash and Green Arrow are better known now than anytime in their eighty-year histories.  Still, some characters have gotten (as the kids today say) hosed by those same forces.  Cyclops, once a stand-up guy and natural leader, is now considered either boring or insane, depending on the author.  The Martian Manhunter, who has never had it particularly good, has been stripped of his founding JLA member status, and has become yet another overpowered alien jerkass.  Even the Robins, the last vestiges of 40s kid sidekick culture, have had their histories condensed and their heroism demoted to “intern” status, an insult that should not be brooked, leading us to today’s backhanded query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still irritated that DC Comics chose to bring back Barry Allen, then change nearly every aspect of his character to be more like his replacement Wally West, raising the question of why Barry needed to return at all, asking: What fictional character do you believe has been disrespected the most, whether by their creators or the fanbase?


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  1. Ironically im gonna go with batman. He has been turned from a smart detective with some serious martial arts skills into some godlike omnicient figure who can kick anyones ass. Its just not fun anymore.

  2. I dont know the most, but certainly a lot, especially considering their status and importance: Cyclops. As mentioned above, hes either “boring” or crazy now. I actually like the idea of mutant “Che Guevara” of Marvel Universe, but execution leaves a lot to be desired. Another one is Superman. I cant remember last time when he wasnt depowered, evil, murderuos facist or just otherwise gimped. Talk about real creative bankruptcy…

    • I totally agree with you on Superman. They cast him the aside or make him the bad guy in almost every event. But they keep Powergirl or Black Adam like they have less power than him. So many people I talk to hate Superman because he’s unstoppable and so perfect and I think the writers think that as well. Then I say, stop trying to hurt him. Give him challenges for him to overcome that don’t effect him but the innocents he loves to save.

      • Absolutely. I cant even begin to understand how professional writers cant figure this out. Suspense could easily be made about possibility for Superman to fail in hundred different ways than to get punched to face.

  3. J’onn J’onzz seriously needs more respect than he gets. Makes me sad that the versions of the character I have enjoyed most in the past 20 years have all been alternate incarnations, such as the version from the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series.

    • Totally agree. J’onn has always been a great character who never got his due. Even the current series is feeling wrong.

      And to me, he will always be a founding member of nearly every incarnation of the League.

  4. Kinda wish there was more love for Wally West and John Stewart. Just gonna say this up front – not overly fond of people renaming Wally West to Barry Allen rather than just being true to the character (because bawww, he’s not their Flash), and John Stewart’s just flat out a better character than Hal Jordan, yet the TV shows and the Movies like to pretend he doesn’t exist.

  5. Jeffrey Corbello on

    I always thought Red Tornado was disrespected. To me, he is a powerful, interesting character that doesn’t get any good stories. I think more could be done with him.

  6. I’m going to go with Wonder Woman.

    She gets a lot of lip-service from writers and editors, but it’s pretty blatant how many creators regard her as a “problem character” that needs to be constantly fixed.
    “She’s not human.” “She’s a paradox.” “She’s not relatable.” “That’s not how an Amazon should act!” “What do you mean she’s that strong?” “What rogues gallery?” Et cetera, et cetera.

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