Spoilerite Nick Green celebrates October with a rundown of scary movies that will get you in the holiday “spirit”.

Take it away, Nick!

Every year I do my best to put together, and watch, thirty-one different horror films during the month of October. Some might say this is asking for trouble. Some form of demon or curse would most likely be summoned from such an evil ritual. I welcome that.

Horror films reach deep into the darkest depths of our psyche and ask one simple question:

What scares you the most?

So without further ado, here is Shocktober 2015

October 1st:
In order to celebrate this year’s month of madness we open with the 2014 film Goodnight Mommy. This Austrian film finally saw a limited release in the United States this year, and was met with a great deal of praise from the squeamish and horror buffs alike.

Available on: Limited release

October 2nd:
The second film of Shocktober 2015 is in honor of the recently departed horror visionary Wes Craven. Wes Craven’s first film was The Last House on the Left in 1972. This film is known as a backlash against the conservative ideals Craven was raised with, and is disturbing enough to place him in the horror hall of fame all on its own.

Available on: Several streaming services

October 3rd:
Travelling 24 years into the future we have Wes Craven’s 1996 film Scream. This film has seen parody, and mockery since its release, but has remained a powerful and culturally relevant film.

Available on: Netflix, and other digital rental services

October 4th:
Have you ever felt that puppets are terrifying and unnerving? Me too. 1989s Puppetmaster is sometimes silly and sometimes maddening. The film really does its best to pull your strings.

Available On: IMDB

October 5th:
We Are Still Here is a film from this year that plays with the haunted house trope in gruesome and interesting ways. Seemingly effects heavy, it looks like a fun time.


Available On: VOD

October 6th:
After watching October 5th’s film we should all be plenty warmed up for haunted house films. So I present 2011s haunted hotel film The Innkeepers.


Available On: VOD

October 7th:
Now it is time for a personal favorite. A week into this year’s dark ritual and we get to view the 2014 psychosexual horror thriller It Follows. This film is fascinating, and it hits the teen horror elements in all the right ways.

Available On: VOD

October 8th:
After watching a film about an unstoppable force, I give you a film probably every child of the nineties is familiar with, the 2001 film Jeepers Creepers. What do you do when you are being constantly attacked by a monster that is nearly invincible?

Available On: VOD

October 9th:
Today sees us returning to our roots with another early Wes Craven film. The 1977 film The Hills Have Eyes has seen multiple adaptations, but nothing stands up to the strange genius present within Craven’s early films. Trigger warnings for sexual violence.

Available On: VOD

October 10th:
2012s haunting release is The Woman in Black. Starring Daniel radcliffe, this film follows a father trying to understand why so many children have met so many gruesome ends in this small village. A truly unnerving film.


Available On: Amazon Prime Streaming, VOD

October 11th:
Here is where we get a little strange. Maybe less horror, and more psychological thriller, but David Lynch’s 1977 film Eraserhead makes it’s way on the list just to rub you the wrong way.

Available On: Hulu Plus, VOD

October 12th:
Giving our October 11th film another Criterion film so it doesn’t feel lonely seemed like a good idea to me. So tonight we will be watching the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby. This film truly requires no introduction. But here’s the trailer.

Available On: Netflix, VOD

October 13th:
The only horror classic I could think of to fit the 13th is 1980s slasher extravaganza Friday the 13th. Few horror films have a greater cultural resonance than this film.

Available On: VOD

October 14th:
Friday the 13th is not complete without its second cousin, and equally fascinating 1984 Wes Craven film A Nightmare on Elm St. If you haven’t seen this one yet, here’s your chance.


Available On: Netflix, VOD

October 15th:
At the halfway point it feels like a good time to take a shot in the dark. 2014s Housebound looks to have a dark sense of humor, and a strong female protagonist. Hopefully this will be a fun one for everyone.

Available On: Netflix, VOD

October 16th:
Did you ever look at Stephen King’s Carrie and wonder what would happen if that family stuck together a little more? 2009’s The Loved Ones is just that film. This film takes the High-School-Prom-Gone-Wrong trope and really turns it on its head.

Available On: VOD

October 17th:
This October we are blessed with a brand new horror thriller by none other than Guillermo del Toro himself. Tom Hiddleston, Guillermo del Toro, and a horrifying home mystery? What could be better?

Available On: Theatres as of October 16th

October 18th:
Following the trend of newer and maybe less heard of horror films we have 2011s The Awakening. Similar to the plot conceit of The Conjuring, this film follows a paranormal investigator as she attempts to unravel the mystery of what is haunting this early 1900s boys home.


Available On: Netflix, VOD

October 19th:
At this point I have a feeling we’ll need a bit of a break from the gloom and doom of serious horror films. So I suggest we watch the 2009 Norwegian horror comedy Dead Snow, or Dod Sno.


Available On: Netflix, VOD

October 20th:
We charge forward through the annals of comedic horror for the one film nobody should miss. Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong is an, shall we say, interesting film. Well. Um. Just watch it?

Available On: VOD

October 21st:
After all that silliness I like to sit down and feel very uncomfortable watching the film that invented the found footage craze.I am, of course, talking about the 1999 film The Blair Witch Project. This film may seem dated today, but to me this film is what made horror films my favorite genre. The trailer still gives me chills.

Available On: VOD

October 22nd:
This one goes out to all the gore-hounds out there. In 2004 Saw created a craze for movies about people having to deal with awful situations, and face inner demons they never thought they would have to. Despite being a bit of a punch-line nowadays, Saw still manages to rock that indie horror vibe, and honestly, be a terrific horror flick.

Available On: VOD

October 23rd:
I realized that this list very much lacked a sort of monster horror. So I thought of Wes Craven’s 1982 film Swamp Thing. This one fits into schlocktober, and classic horror simultaneously. It’s definitely one that should not be missed. As with a lot of early Wes Craven, this film is very insensitive to various forms of trauma, and even has some uncomfortable language.

Available On: VOD

October 24th:
I know what you’re thinking, “we want more Wes Craven.” And I agree, that’s why the next film is his 1991 film The People Under the Stairs. I don’t have much more to say about this film, other than, “what goes on under the stairs, is a nightmare.”

Available On: VOD

October 25th:
So, I realize that this list may not be as scary as we might expect of a Shocktober list. Well I have a little something to fix that. V/H/S is a movie that is tough to watch. This movie is disturbing in many ways. If you can survive what V/H/S has to throw at you, well, you are stronger than I am. Very intense trigger warnings for this one folks. Like for real. Honestly, even for the trailer.

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime, VOD

October 26th:
What is this list missing? Oh yes! French Modernist filmmaking! In 2014 The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears made its way stateside, and I think it is the perfect way to throw something a little different into this year’s list.

Available On: Netflix, VOD

October 27th:
We’re almost at the finish line! Scared yet? I am. Tonight’s showing is Ti West’s 2009 scarefest The House of the Devil, Ti West whom you may remember from V/H/S and The Innkeepers, is a director I will always be interested in. This film has made its way into my nightmares multiple times, and hopefully it will make its way into yours.


Available On: Netflix, Hulu Plus, VOD

October 28th:
If you can’t tell by now, I have an affinity for the horror films of the 90s and early thousands. With James Wong directing, and Glen Morgan (The X-Files) writing, Final Destination (2000) sits very close to the top of the great subversive horror list.

Available On: VOD

October 29th:
If subverting horror tropes is your thing, and maybe you are a fan of Joss Whedon, and Drew Goddard. Then I believe Cabin in the Woods will be right up your alley. If you haven’t seen the film. Just watch it. If you have, don’t you dare spoil anything for those that haven’t. I almost recommend not watching the trailer and just diving in feet first.

Available On: VOD

October 30th:
Almost there! On the eve of Halloween I figure it is time to get serious. We’ve all had our fun with zombies, evil bongs, some teenagers getting murdered, but what about something that really cuts into the heart of why we’re afraid of the dark? The Town that Dreaded Sundown is one of those films. Well two, actually. I find myself unable to decide which version, 1976, or 2014, to recommend. I find them both plenty disturbing. So I leave this one up to you.

Available On: (1976) Epix, VOD (2014) Netflix, Amazon Prime, Epix, VOD

October 31st:
We’re finally here! The finale of this year’s trial of terrors is one that is truly terrifying. Yes, dear readers, I am talking about the 1975 masterpiece The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
This film is difficult to explain. My only recommendation is that if you have not seen it before, you watch it on your own. If you have seen this film before, you should make your way to a theatre showing and be ready to shout and throw things at the screen. It really is a blast, and a reminder of how okay it is to be weird. Happy Halloween!

Available On: VOD, Probably a theatre near you

Thank you for participating in Shocktober 2015! If you find yourself unable to watch, or just plain don’t have the desire to watch some of the films in this year’s list feel free to substitute your own! Stay spooky my friends and as always don’t be afraid of the dark! See you next year!


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