As we approach October of 2015, one absolute certainty is that the Internet is going to tell us that every day is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future. (After all, they’ve been doing it regularly since about 2012.) Still, aside from the unfortunate fashions, a world of hoverboards, self-drying jackets and full 3-D holographic displays has great technological promise, leading us to today’s nanite-filled query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is looking forward to the year 2062, and the collapsible flying cars foretold by George Jetson, asking: What fictional future technology do you most wish were available in 2015?


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  1. Any of the technologies that promises to get me off Earth and somewhere else. Beaming, FTL, Mars Colony, Generation Ships etc. Stop the world, I wanna get off!

  2. The food synthesizer/Replicator technology, from Star Trek. Saves on cooking time and/or going out to restaurants and the like (Synthehol not included).

  3. I’ll try to avoid Star Wars tech on the technicality that it is from the past. It says so at the start of every movie! Although I will admit I’ve always wanted a droid to pal around with and help me around the house.

    More than anything, I want realistic immersive Virtual Reality. We have taken leaps and bounds toward getting closer to that technology over the years, but they are mostly visual related. I want a VR experience that covers everything from sound to touch to smells and so on, be it in the form of a wearable headset like they have in the anime “Sword Art Online” or a full room like the Holodeck or Holosuite from the “Star Trek” franchise. Imagine being able to completely immerse yourself in a video game, novel or movie, or to be able to explore how an ancient city or historic battlefield appeared a long time ago, or people who are too sick to leave a hospital being able to visit an exotic location without having to risk their health with travel.

    I also think it is about time we had a colony on the moon as both a scientific research outpost and vacation destination.

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