Rosarium Publishing is proud to announce that it is working with New York Times bestselling author, Tobias S. Buckell, on a comic book adaptation of his near-future thriller, Arctic Rising. Set in a future possibly mirroring our own where the polar ice caps have all but melted, Arctic Rising centers around a United Nations Polar Guard pilot, Anika Duncan. She finds herself caught in the middle of an international battle between corporations, ecoterrorists, and global powers to stop a plot that could very well decide the fate of Mother Earth. John Scalzi said of the novel and its author, “Tobias Buckell is stretching the horizons of science fiction and giving readers a hell of a lot of swashbuckling fun in the bargain.”

“Arctic Rising is such an action-packed thrill ride, turning it into a comic book seemed like a no-brainer almost as soon as I cracked the cover,” says Rosarium Publishing head, Bill Campbell. “This adaptation is a dream come true.”

Buckell states, “I believe in creating diverse futures, and writing Arctic Rising was important to me because it attempts to tackle both the ecological issues I see just around the corner and the diverse peoples who will be affected (and who will be trying to solve the problems we leave them). Partnering with Rosarium to create the graphic novel is a tremendous opportunity, as I think they share a similar yearning for more diverse futures. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Tobias S. Buckell’s Arctic Rising will be a twelve-issue series with the first issue set to be released digitally in February 2016 and subsequently compiled into three trade publications. Writing duties have been handed to Keith A. Miller (Manticore, Triboro Tales, and Infest) with the art being done by comics newcomer, Tommy Nguyen. “Keith and I have been working together even before Rosarium was officially launched. I just love what he does,” Campbell says. “Tommy was one of John Jennings’ (Pitch Black Rainbow, Kid Code, and Blue Hand Mojo) grad students at SUNY Buffalo. John couldn’t recommend him strongly enough, and, when John recommends someone, you listen. If they don’t already, people will soon see why.”

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