In all my years of reading comics, there have been a great many completely inexplicable moments: A talking duck walking out of the swamp; The Legion of Super-Heroes rejecting Polar Boy but accepting Bouncing Boy; Batman not dying horribly in his first outing…  But of them all, the one that most makes me say “What” (in that flat tone of voice that the Tenth Doctor used for inexplicable events) is Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple.  I understand the basic premise, but simply *can* *not* believe either character committing to such a strange relationship, leading to today’s utterly baffling query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that perhaps the relationship is expected to be an entirely physical one, which is better left on discussed as well, asking: What event in your favorite pop culture has most made you want to say “What?”


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  1. The entirety of Batman: Odyssey, by Neal Adams. The man is undeniably one of the greatest artists of all time, but his writing style is…well, I’ll try my best to give a summary: Batman chases a group of ninjas through a prehistoric underground civilization while riding giant dinosaurs, aided by aliens, wizards, Egyptian gods, gnomes, a prehistoric version of himself. Every single page left me with a WTF look on my face.

    This Comics Alliance article gives an accurate (and hilarious) analysis of the series, issue by issue…at the cost of their own sanity.
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:
    Part 6:

  2. While probably not my top, but there’s a recent moment that had me going “This just raises so many questions.”

    I’ve started to get the old JLA/JSA crisis team-up books. In volume 5 the teams go to Apokolips, and Wonder Woman goes off about why they are NEW gods. As she raises the valid argument that she’s met the gods of Olympus. However in the next sentence, she mentions the one TRUE god, and his unknowing ways. Not to make this a religious argument by any means, it just seemed completely out of character.

  3. A lot of DC’s New 52…particularly they stuff they’ve done to Wonder Woman.
    She’s Zeus’ daughter, the Amazons are rapists, she & Superman are now dating…….a lot of dead-eyed “What?” there.

  4. The shunting aside of Wally West. Ever shall I mourn. Being a severely minor character in a Flash run that is, and I hate to say it, really really not very good – that doesn’t count.

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